Thank You All

It is Thanksgiving here in the United States and I’d like to thank all of you that have crossed my path, and those who will do so some time in the near future.

Thank You Friends

I am thankful for how social media has connected me with so many interesting people that I would not have otherwise met.

I am also grateful for how it has reconnected me to so many friends that I have lost touch with over the years. As a result, I have learned more about you and your families and the journeys you are on – and that has been cool.

Thank You Practice

In particular, I am thankful for how this blog has connected me to so many new friends, colleagues, clients, influencers, and acquaintances.  It’s something I wish for you too, especially if you are a small business. This amazingly powerful technology is ideally suited for helping your business to be more relevant and relatable to the communities you serve.

Are you ready to make it a standard business practice?

Many of you have inspired me to continue this practice and develop it further, despite us hardly knowing each other. That too is a very nice outcome of this that I hope you now or soon will have the opportunity to enjoy.

Thank You Mistakes

I’m equally thankful for everyone who points out my mistakes or otherwise challenges me – here and at other venues where I am a live or virtual presenter. You have taught me to re-examine my work from new angles, and that always helps to crystalize my thinking for breaking new ground.

Of course, I don’t always agree with you because I know I cannot be all things to all people. Yet, you do help me understand those I cannot help, and that better clarifies who I can help and how.

If you are not making mistakes there is no learning, so I hope to keep making plenty more of them.

If everything is working out perfectly you should enjoy it. Just know that you’ll need to learn more to keep it going well.

Acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, but be indifferent to them emotionally. Attach your emotions instead to the circumstances in your life that are positive, rewarding, and if you are a business, profitable.

Most important is to try to learn how they happened. You need to know. And even though you may never get your answer, you should never stop asking.

Thank You Journey

I’m not there yet and hope I never will be, because when you stop learning you stop growing – and after that you start dying.

I’m definitely thankful for that.

How about you?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Until next time, Jeff

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