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Every Small Business is now a Media Company

Traditional marketing is something that is done to increase brand awareness and bring in more business.

While social media marketing can accomplish similar objectives, it is much more than that.

Social Media is A Business Responsibility

Unlike traditional marketing, social media channels concurrently serve the needs of businesses and consumers.

The social networks have evolved into media channels that give consumers personal access to businesses, thereby creating additional responsibilities that must be managed.

The reality is consumers expect top-level companies to be active on the social networks – monitoring their brand, providing access to key personnel, and capably responding to commentary and inquiries

In short, social media is no longer optional for companies that expect to be leaders in their markets. If you are not willing to be attentive and responsive, there will be a company that will step up and assume that responsibility.

Thus, social media practically demands to be used – and used well.

Not to worry, you still have a say in this matter. Your business does not have to be active on every major social media network.

Ideally, you should create a distributed presence on multiple channels to best accomplish your business objectives, and the needs of your current and future customers.

The Primary Social Networks – And Now Google+

Many small businesses gravitate towards Facebook as the social network of choice, largely due to the fact that many of their friends are hanging out there too.

Yet, Facebook is not without its challenges. The most significant is that Facebook filters the content that everyone receives. Businesses will be wise to use Facebook as a secondary channel, while using others to achieve more direct and immediate communications to further their business objectives.

LinkedIn and Twitter have their merits, but Google+ is proving to be a driving social media force, thanks in no small part to the fact that is has the muscle of Google behind it.

Google controls just under 2/3 of search in North America, and even more worldwide – and Google+ is proving to be the linchpin for assuring it maintains that dominance.

Google+ has already demonstrated it will be responsive to its users. If you are operating a small business today, you respect and appreciate receiving the same quality service that you endeavor to provide your loyal customers.

You will get that at Google+.

The following articles will help you to maximize your business results on the primary social networks where your customers are likely to expect you to maintain an active presence.

Collectively consider these outlets to be your small business media channel.


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