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If you are creating quality content for your community, you will enhance its value by sharing it in as many forms of communication as possible – both online and offline.

One possibility is to speak publicly at events in your industry. While you may be reluctant to present in front of a live audience, the honor for being asked usually overrides those fears.

Of course, this means you have to deliver to that live audience just as well as you do online, which means developing your skills by learning from experienced professional speakers.

The National Speakers Association

Paid to Speak is a recently published book that was sponsored by the National Speakers Association.  Its 29 chapters are works curated from speaking experts with a combined 500+ years of experience.

As a member of this association of speaking professionals, and one of the contributors to Paid to Speak, I highly recommend its practical and proven advice for speaking professionals.

Still not sure if you want to be a speaker?  Maybe you already are and don’t realize it.

As a content marketer you undoubtedly have shared your expertise via videos on your blog or other social media channels. Why not consider developing your video skills for presenting your content through the spoken word?

After all, video chat is the next emerging trend. You may as well present yourself well.

Speaking is Writing and Writing is Speaking

One thing I can promise you is speaking will enhance your other communication skills in ways that you could not have imagined.

Having been a professional speaker years before I was sharing content online, I made a remarkable discovery after few years of blogging – blogging is virtual speaking!

Most people think of blogging as writing.  However, the interaction and engagement associated with sharing your content online makes it a digital form of speaking.

Just as with a live audience, when you are blogging there is a presentation, an audience, and most importantly, a relationship with that audience.

All communication is processed through the mind.  So, regardless of whether your audience is virtual or real, you can transcend the medium – and that makes the interaction come alive.

Content Marketers are Communicators

Being professional is to use every means available to raise your reputation and influence in your area of expertise.

This means taking some risks to stretch your capabilities beyond what you may have imagined was possible.

Just as blogging makes you a better speaker, speaking will help you to bring your content to a higher and more refined level.

Why?  Because you have to choose, shape, and practice to give your live audience only your very best content.

When you are tight on time you may create a “filler” blog post to get something out to your loyal subscribers. However, when it comes to speaking to an audience, you would never consider giving anything less than a great speech – especially if you are getting paid for the opportunity.

As a content marketer, here’s something you should find exciting.

When the words public speaker or professional speaker are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for most folks is motivational speaker.

The pure motivational speech is either dead or dying. Today, it’s all about content. That’s what most meeting planners want – and you’ve got plenty of it to share.

Since you have invested a great deal of effort in developing your content creation skills, you are ideally positioned to become an in demand content speaker

You already know the thrill of making an emotional connection with your audience with your online communities.

When you do that in front of a live audience – the thrill is immeasurable.

You can get a preview of every single chapter of Paid to Speak here – including my contribution on Four Big Reasons Why Speakers Should Blog.

And if you are really interested in jump-starting your speaking career, consider attending the annual convention for the National Speakers Association later this month in Anaheim, CA.

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