Content Marketing

Content Drives Your Social Media Marketing

Content marketing is an ongoing process of educating your community – your prospects, customers, and influencers, such that they can then become better buyers of the products and services you offer.

Content marketing is an essential component of social media marketing that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

You have probably been doing some form of content marketing throughout your career without realizing it. This may have included sell sheets, white papers, brochures, and websites.  Now this information is best distributed on the social web where it can be readily shared – with a trail leading back to you.

Consumers today are hungry for information to make better buying decisions, and they are going online to get it.  The web is now central, so if you expect to be relevant on a web that is increasingly going social, you want to develop a content marketing strategy that then drives your social media marketing.

Regardless of where you now, these articles will serve as a tutorial to help you get started – and get better.

Get Started

3 Reasons to Start Writing

What is Content Marketing

How to Start a Blog

Is Your Marketing Content Evergreen or Floral

How to Be The Solution to The Right Problems

Get Better

The Cardinal Rule of Content Marketing

How to Make Your Video Go Viral

A Little Blogging Secret

The New Rules of Information Marketing

In Content We Trust

The Best Blog Post Length Test

Getting Even Better

Using Big Data for Enhancing Network Relationships (including how to use a blog reader)

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