Creating Addictive Marketing Content

One of the distinguishing qualities of successful marketers is they are passionate students of human behavior – more specifically, buying behavior.

Human beings have innate tendencies that lead to actions – some favorable, and others not.

Addictions are unfavorable behaviors that can develop very innocently. For example, exercise is a positive action that people take to improve or sustain their vitality.

Yet, even exercise can become an obsessive and unhealthy addiction, one that can lead to fatigue and a number of other imbalances.

What you are really interested in is not addiction, but desirable actions – attracting prospects and customers in a way that is healthy, and therefore, sustainable.

The Addiction Cycle

Human beings are driven by desires. These desires encourage actions that lead to results that are favorable, and therefore, memorable.

Many of us would say that we are addicted to content. We seek out all kinds of information that feeds our desire to be current with our industry and profession, and it all starts with memories.

The addiction cycle is one of memories, actions, and desires.

When you consume anything that creates a favorable response, such as the confidence of being in-the-know, you create memories. Those memories propel your desires. You seek out more of the same to recreate that feeling of confidence.

So, you return to the source. If you are greeted with new information that is congruent with what you previously experienced, you are likely to come back for more.

But what happens if the information is unsatisfactory?

You still have the desire, so you will come back again to recreate that feeling – but it soon becomes one of desperation.

Create Congruent Experiences with Fresh Content

True addictions are the result of trying to create a remembered experience with the same circumstances and conditions.

When conditions are unchanged, the addict seeks to recreate the memorable experience by reaching for more. Eventually, the realization dawns that more and more of the same will not achieve the desired result.

That’s addiction.

As content marketers, you want to create desirable experiences. This is only possible by introducing fresh information that is congruent with the original experience.

Thus, you have to first know you audience – their needs and desires. Then you have to work to give them a reason to keep coming back, and that is only possible if your content is both fresh and congruent with what previously worked well here.

The headline of this article was written for purposes of search engine optimization. The word addiction is edgy – it attracts attention.

Notwithstanding that, desires are what you should focus on. Desires work because they are fresh and contain an element of the unknown.

Desire is attractive because it is healthy – leading to new experiences that create new memories and new desires.

That is your goal as a content marketer.

And it explains why Google is placing a premium on fresh and original content.

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Google Gives Authors of Original Content the Spotlight

“We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re looking closely at ways this markup could help us highlight authors and rank search results.”

This is a quote from Inside Search – the official Google Search blog.

Originality is Art

Authors are artists.  They provide unique perspectives that make online content worth reading, listening to, or watching.

Everyone is an artist if they are willing to share their expertise and originality.  Google is now encouraging this by giving authors the recognition that they deserve – regardless of where that content is profiled.

As Mashable author Ben Parr points out, “The new highlighting places a picture of an author to the right of an article he or she has written, along with a link to his or her Google Profile.”

All of this is consistent with Google’s efforts to give the creators of original content the recognition they deserve, which presumably will encourage them to create even better content worth sharing with those searching for it.

Welcome to the  Democratization of Media

What is emerging is the democratization of media – with both the source of the content and the media outlet sharing the spotlight.

Google is interested in indexing the best original content that can be shared in search results.  Now they will be providing an incentive for experts in every field to step forward and make the effort to share what they know.

Will you be one of them?

Expertise is Differentiation

Consider this.  When price and product-service offerings appear to be equal, the tie-breaker can be your reputation as an industry expert.

To help you accomplish this objective of sharing your expertise, Google is now giving you free PR.

In every industry there are plenty of experts.

Will you be the one that steps forward?

As with everything Google, this will take a while to rollout.  Nevertheless, Google has already noted that they will be accessing your Google Profile to locate this content.

So dust off your Google Profile and start creating more original content.

Then just be patient and the spotlight will indeed shine on you and your small business.

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