Get More from Your Email Marketing

How do you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns?

Get the attention of your audience.

This means giving them something of value at every turn.  Since giving away real products for free is probably not feasible, the logical alternative is delivering quality informational content that will help them do more of what they want to do – better, faster, or cheaper.

Social media channels are great for sharing, but when what is shared is valuable and vitally important, email is still the preferred method for most businesses. 

Consider your practices and you realize this is true.

One big advantage of email is that you have the full attention of your audience, something that is rarely possible with social media channels that are designed to draw attention to all types of advertising and news feeds.

This guest post by Patrick Carver is a reminder that email marketing is enjoying a resurgence, and for some valid reasons. Read further to learn about a free software tool his company created to help you more easily accomplish your email marketing objectives.

3 Rules for Better Email Marketing

#1 – Create a Campaign Theme to Build Focus and Trust

It’s important to give your email campaigns a general theme that guides you and your audience down the right path. Simple is always better. It communicates that you have a plan – and that builds confidence and trust.

Coca Cola uses live positively as the umbrella theme for all of their campaigns. This gives them the freedom to comingle their content with great material from other sources – while still staying on message.

Every industry is different. Your umbrella theme should resonate with your audience, which is probably related to their aspirations or what keeps them up at night.

#2 – Reference Content from Credible Sources to Validate Yours

Every marketer has been challenged at one time or another with exactly how to communicate their message.  Sometimes the words of others help you find your own, and this is why adding curated content to your email messages is a great way to get the job done.

Curation of content is a fancy phrase content marketers like to use to suggest using stories, examples, videos, and photos from other sources – while providing proper attribution, of course. Alltop and Free Digital Photos  are just a couple of useful resources.

When you compliment your message with quality content from other influential sources you enhance its value.

#3 – Consistency is the Key to Every Form of Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put a campaign together in a matter of minutes, instead of hours?  Especially if you are segmenting campaigns to specific subgroups within your general audience, you need a method for streamlining your email marketing process.

Keep things simple.  While Jeff Korhan prefers MailChimp for his email marketing, at FlashIssue we have created a product that eliminates the need for much of the time-consuming and sometimes complicated procedures necessary for creating a professional email newsletter – and we’d love for you to give it a try for free.

You’ll find that FlashIssue eliminates the need for creating complicated templates – just drop and drag your content into our software, or better yet, automatically pull it in from the RSS feed of your blog or other online sources.

How about you?

Is email an essential part of your digital marketing?

Are you doing it consistently?

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Until next time, Jeff

Patrick Carver is the Director of Marketing for FlashIssue. You can reach him on Twitter at @flashissue.