How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email Subscribers


During my networking at Social Media Marketing World this year I had the opportunity to talk with some of the top experts in the world about Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and more.

Given their respective areas of focus, it should not be surprising that they all take a slightly different approach with their social media. This is includes their overall strategy, as well as the channels, tactics, and tools they prefer to use.

Nevertheless, they all shared one common objective: Use social media to increase your email subscribers.

Growing your list should be among your top three objectives for a number of reasons, with one being its ability to convert your social marketing engagement into profitable outcomes.

Email Subscribers are Your Business Lifeline

When you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with social media, you can more easily focus your efforts.

There are a lot of moving parts involved with social media marketing, and all of it is continuously changing. However, your list is a digital asset that can anchor everything.

  • Your business owns it
  • It keeps your customers, prospects, and influencers informed
  • Your business is always in control
  • You can be more intimate with your audience
  • Special offers are welcomed

If you have read Built-In Social, you know that when I sold my landscape business after 20 years it was my list that everyone wanted, not the dozens of trucks and trailers that weighed down our balance sheet.

You have very little control over the various social media channels; and most traditional assets like trucks depreciate over time. This means your list of subscribers is potentially your most valuable business asset!

Have a Singular Focus on Growing Your List

Like so many other websites, mine needs some work. Friends and customers have commented that it doesn’t do justice to what I do or who I am. I agree.

However, when you go to my home page there is one clear call to action: Sign up for my newsletter and get my very best.

I take pride in what happens within this community. This is a permission asset. You asked to be here, and that is why I am committed to honoring that by giving this my very best.

3 Popular Ways to Grow Your Subscribers

#1 – Run a Facebook contest. Here’s a free ebook from the folks at Tabsite to help you run a Facebook contest.

#2 – Provide incentives, such as a free report. Here’s how it is done at Social Media Examiner.

#3 – Use an opt-in form to offer valuable resources. Top-rated business podcast Entrepreneur on Fire accomplishes this with the OptinMonster pop-up tool (wait a few seconds for it to open).

I’m not a fan of the pop-up boxes either. However, I talked to the creator of OptinMonster and he pointed out that 70% of all website visitors never return. This is why smart marketers are learning there are times when you have to be a little aggressive.

My plan is to put all these methods into practice.

Remember that content is still king; without it you have little to offer your subscribers. So, make it a priority.

If you do that and encourage subscriptions, you will thank yourself some day for having the foresight to build a community that anchors your business presence in the sometimes choppy social media waters.

About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business – (Wiley)  

He helps mainstream businesses adapt their traditional growth practices to a digital world. Connect with Jeff on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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How To Be So Helpful They Can’t Ignore You

Being so helpful (or so good) that people cannot ignore you is the basis of enduring relationships. It’s knowing that someone can count on you – no matter what.

Does your marketing communicate that? How about your sales or customer service?

Helping and adding value is the new marketing, selling, and customer service. Thanks to the power of digital, the consumer does not differentiate between them.

Everyone is answering questions and offering advice, and it’s all free.

The winner in business today is the company that does helpful better. Tweet this

Here’s how to be that company.

#1 – Build a Process for Continuous Improvement

The expression to be so helpful they can’t ignore you was inspired by a very similar quote from comedian, actor, and musician Steve Martin. His mantra when he was building his stand-up comedy practice was to be so good they can’t ignore you.

As he developed his craft he went back to what worked. In the early days he worked in a booth in a carnival. Yet, what works always works if you develop ways to make it better – so good that people cannot ignore it.

What are some of the qualities that people admire, and therefore should be built into your business processes for helping them? Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Consistency
  • Graciousness
  • Personality
  • Humility
  • Inspiration
  • Humor
  • Gratitude

If you have a process for improvement you should be proud of it, because it alone earns the attention of those that have yet to experience how you can help them.

#2 – Explain How Your Process for Helping Works

People tend to fear what they do not understand. Therefore, they are unlikely to work with your business if they do not understand your process for helping them.

This is the magic of helping, as opposed to traditional selling. Your content marketing strategy should be designed to help people understand how you can help them. This goes beyond answering questions.

Facts and figures are useful, but they are impersonal and easily forgotten. Stories are relatable, and therefore memorable.

Relevant stories help buyers understand how you can help them. Tweet this

From a business perspective, stories are proof that you can handle the work. This is why original stories from direct experience are so valuable for making emotional connections that move buyers.

 #3 - Make it Fun

Just reading the traditional news is enough to bring anyone down. Interacting with many people can also prove to be less than inspiring.

Want proof? Just ask people how their day is going. Most people will respond with something like this: alright, pretty good, not too bad. Not too bad?!

Probably the easiest way for any business to get noticed in this world is to be fun to work with. Your efforts may not always be acknowledged, but they will nearly always be appreciated.

When Steve Martin was at the peak of his stand-up comedy career, he was filling stadiums with nearly 20,000 people. This is why he started wearing a white suit – to be noticed.

Even though he was working with massive audiences, he stayed true to his mantra of being someone they could not ignore.

What’s your business mantra for not being ignored?

About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business – (Wiley)  

He helps mainstream businesses adapt their traditional growth practices to a digital world. Connect with Jeff on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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