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In addition to understanding how social media works, I understand how business works – especially small business.

I speak the language of small business and understand their challenges – what it is like to meet budgets, cover a weekly payroll, work in highly competitive situations, and to not only go out and get new customers, but also keep them in both prosperous and challenging times.

This is why my greatest value to your audience is not only my understanding of social media, content marketing, and small business trends, but my ability as a small business speaker to present everything in a context that is practical and readily implemented.

Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing

Jeff Korhan signing copies of Built-In Social at Book Expo America


Jeff Korhan Bio

Jeff Korhan, MBA is the bestselling author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business , host of This Old New Business podcast, and a primary contributor to Social Media Guide for Floral Retailers and Wholesalers, Paid to Speak, and Speak More!

Korhan was a Fortune 50 Sales and Marketing Executive for the first decade of his career. He then founded a landscape services company that was twice named Small Business of the Year during its two decades of operation.

As a green industry professional, Korhan served as a board member for the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET). He was Certified as an Arborist, Landscape Industry Professional, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Registered Landscape Architect.

Jeff now helps mainstream businesses adapt their traditional sales and marketing practices to a digital, social and global business environment. He is a trainer and coach for small businesses, and a keynote speaker for the associations and member organizations that support them.

Jeff Korhan is a syndicated publisher and regular content contributor to leading business publications, including Mastercard, Landscape Management and Social Media Examiner blogs and magazines, and his own New Media and Small Business Marketing site, which ranks among the Top 100 Small Business blogs in the world.

Most recently Korhan founded Landscape Digital Institute, a digital marketing training community for green industry professionals.

He lives in suburban Chicago, IL

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Jeff Korhan speaking at Social Media Marketing World 2015

Jeff Korhan speaking at Social Media Marketing World 2015


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You can reach me by calling +1-630-774-8350 or emailing speaker@jeffkorhan.com and leaving a brief message, or the most reliable method, using the web-based contact form here.

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