Business Trends

Discover Relevant Influences Within the Larger Trends

It is not at all difficult to spot the larger trends.

However, if you can spot the more subtle influences within them, then you can then take the lead to discover what will work best for your business – as opposed to following the crowd.

This is why it may be more important to understand the influences of social media, than to necessarily be actively using it.

How We Got Here

Social media is influencing how you should be operating your business by creating an environment that is more about people than companies.  From a business perspective, there are three trends in particular that have been shaping the business environment for some time now.

This is why you can now think of them as a structure upon which to build your online marketing strategy.

#1 –  Human-Centric Business

Business used to be about brands and companies.  Now its about people.

#2 –  Collaborative Markets

Markets are no longer about selling to buyers.  Not it is about collaborating and sharing to develop better solutions.

#3 –  Sustainable Communities

Communities are the new markets.  Businesses are now engaging with communities to develop mutually beneficial relationships that sustain what everyone wants to do.

Small Business Trends for 2014

In 2014 successful marketers will take greater care to design and package their messaging for attention, usefulness, and conversion.

As the tolerance for social media noise approaches a breaking point, the quality of social media and other online content will significantly rise to meet the higher standards of both consumers and search.

People now demand the best – and that is what Google wants from you as a business marketer.

This used to be a numbers game, one of providing frequent “news updates” to convince Google you are relevant.  No more – now the game is one of creating quality content that benefits the community, who in turn will gladly share it to help their friends.  Everybody wins.

Remember that social media is humanizing the business environment.  This is why it demands the attention of every business, and why you should consider how you can design your business around social.

The following links will lead you to resources that will help you discover the influences and micro-trends that are most relevant for you, your small business, and your industry. 

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