How did I determine these favorites?  I didn’t.  You did. 

Just about every week there is one post that jumps off the table.   I wish I could plan this, but the only way I know is to keep blogging every day and listen to what readers like you are saying.

When a post resonates with the small businesses that read this blog, they recirculate it again and again through the social media networks.  This results in a dramatic spike in the number of times it is read.  That’s one way. 

The other is through comments.  This is when regular subscribers let me know that I have made a spot-on connection with them.   Bloggers love feedback that tells us we are getting closer to making a difference.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, let me know.  I’ll do the research, write the post, and share the results with the community of this blog.  Just leave a comment on any post.  Until then, here are some posts that I hope you enjoy!


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How Often Should I Blog?

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Small Business Trends for 2010

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How To Build a Business Legacy with Your Blog

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21 Reasons to Blog

Why Small Businesses Are Confused About Social Media

The Craziest Rules of Social Media

Still Don’t Get Social Media?  Try This

Proof We are Not Overly Connected

Writing My First Book: A Fortnight of Lessons

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