How to Lose a Prospect at Hello

Today I was reading the bio of a guest blogger who helps small businesses with their social media marketing.

That happens to be what I do too, so I clicked on the link to their site to learn more.

The very first line of the most recent blog post was a query to those working in a corporate environment. Huh?

You lost me at hello.

Pick a Lane

Tomorrow I’m hosting a 2-day educational event for small businesses.  Our very first exercise after personal introductions will be to work on fine-tuning bios for social media profiles.

We’ll examine their roles, who they now serve best, and the prospects they are targeting. We’ll also sift through unique and interesting qualities, credentials, and special accomplishments.

Why do this?

Consumers today have an abundance of information available that allows for quickly making better choices for finding the best company to serve their needs.

This may include testimonials, credentials, accomplishments.  Though, it will nearly always include a gut level judgment based upon the sense that everything fits.

This is why you have to be crystal clear and consistent.

When you focus by picking a lane and staying within it, you gradually create marketing alignment and engage with those who share that lane with you – your ideal customers.

Hold Your Line

Shifting in and out of lanes is a sure way to have an accident.  You have to take a stand.

Bicyclists who race or ride in groups have an expression – hold your line.  It’s used when one of the riders wavers a bit too much.

Abrupt changes in direction force everyone to adjust in order to avoid an accident.

It’s the same with your marketing.  If you are constantly rebranding or sending mixed messages to your target audience, you will lose the confidence of prospects you could have served well.

Saying no to those in the next lane is the same thing as saying yes to those you are riding with. It assures them you are holding your line.

Pick a lane and hold your line.

It’s the only way to make the most of those critical first moments when prospects are checking you out.

Here’s a test for doing this.  Who do you enjoy working with the most?  

That’s your lane.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

Photo Credit: S. Diddy