Google+ Hangouts Come Alive

There is a big difference between television and live television. Live television comes alive because there is anticipation and excitement about what is going to happen next.

Photographer John Butterill applied this principle to Google+ Hangouts by taking it mobile, and indeed there is an equally significant, if not remarkable difference.

The short video below shows you how John and his friends used Hangout to take the audience on a virtual ride.

John Butterill started a movement.

By combining mobile with a Google+ Hangout he dramatically enhanced its value, while also engaging his professional community who enthusiastically joined him in doing the same. This is yet another Google+ game changer.

Surely this is giving you some ideas for using Hangouts to make your business come alive.

I’m already getting some ideas for local retailers, floral and landscape professionals, and so many other mainstream businesses that need to make their art and expertise come alive to differentiate their business from so many others.

What are yours?

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Until next time, Jeff