QR Code Customization and Branding

As QR codes gain increased acceptance, customizing and branding will enhance their value for your business.

Customization of QR codes is ideally accomplished by skilled designers – with that investment ranging from hundreds to thousands of US dollars.

Clearly, this is out of the reach of most small businesses.  One alternative is Unitag – a French company that allows you to quickly and easily customize QR codes for free – while also incorporating your logo.

The QR code above resolves to this site and was created in less than five minutes with Unitag.  It incorporates my signature red color and a portion of my logo.

While I would have preferred to embed my complete JeffKorhan.com logo, the resolution capabilities required me to use the more basic favicon that was designed with my JK initials – and the guy (or gal) experiencing the joy of  being a social creature.

It’s a subtle statement that is nonetheless true.

The Unitag QR code generator is free.  However, for a fee of 100 Euros ($138 US ) per year you can take advantage of Premium features – such as higher resolution, metrics for tracking, and unlimited support.

If that is of interest, you can test those premium features free for a period of time.

As you can see, QR code customization and branding is moving beyond the traditional black and white QR codes.

While not perfect, the QR codes generated by Unitag are clearly unique – and they work.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff