Podcasting for Events: How to Create Valuable Content and Networking

This is Episode 29 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan.

Podcasting for Events: How to Create Valuable Content and Networking

Craig Price has been a podcaster since the days when most people couldn’t even figure out how to download a podcast to their mobile device. Now that podcasting is cool again, it’s interesting to learn how the pros have managed and evolved with their shows over time.

As a professional speaker, Craig Price learned from the beginning how to use podcasting for creating valuable content and networking at live events.

Listen in as Craig shares how to use podcasting for events to make new friends, and build your business in the process. Everyone wants to tell their story, so this practice is one that could make you quite popular at your next industry conference or trade show.

Our Featured Guest: Craig Price

Podcasting for Events: How to Create Valuable Content  and NetworkingCraig Price is the host and producer of the popular Reality Check with Craig Price podcast. Each week Craig Price sits down to discover the “reality” of someone’s profession or expertise. You can listen to past episodes and subscribe to his podcast at realitycheckpodcast.com

Learn What Your Audience Wants

Craig Price started podcasting five years ago simply because he enjoyed learning from podcasts and decided it could be another way to offer value to his audience.

As a professional speaker Craig works with a variety of audiences, which is reflected in his Reality Check podcast.  He believes people are interested in learning something new, and giving it to them honors a commitment to the audience. 

Craig Price tries new approaches to learn more about his audience and what they want. The result is intentionally keeping his podcast “nicheless.” Guests have ranged from an active FBI agent to a brothel owner, along with regular people from all walks of life.

Experiment with Event Podcasting

Craig’s first podcast episodes involved simply taking basic recording to a convention and inviting people to share their story. Not surprisingly, the ten available openings were quickly filled.

The podcasts Craig Price creates for events not only profile his show and its guests, they also create valuable content that helps to promote the event, before, during, and what follows thereafter. As you may imagine, event organizers are warming up to podcasting as a networking and promotional tool.

Live Event Podcasting Recommendations

  • Skype or telephone interviews with attendees before the event
  • Live commentary or one-to-one interviews during the event
  • A panel discussion as an general event session
  • Recapping or summarizing the event as a closing keynote

Of course, if the resources are available, any podcast can also include a video component. For example, some video podcasts are recorded with Google Hangouts, which stream live to YouTube and are then captured as recorded video.

Have you considered podcasting to create valuable content and enhance networking opportunities at your event?

Lighting Round Tips and Advice

Craigs’s Top Sales or Marketing Advice – Request LinkedIn recommendations. Craig Price finds they are easy to get if you simply ask after delivering quality work.

His Favorite Productivity Tip – “Worst to first.” This is Craig’s approach to productivity: Tackle the tough projects first thing. Although, he suggests everyone find what works best for them.

A Quote that has Inspired Craig’s Success – Instead of quotes, Craig likes to surround himself with reminders of his most meaningful accomplishments.

Key Take-Aways

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About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business and host of This Old New Business podcast.

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