5 Reasons for Using a Blog Post Template

What comes to mind when you hear the word template?

For most people, its the thought of following a cookie-cutter formula that practically ensures the creation of mediocre work.

On the contrary, using a template reminds you of the essential components that most reliably produce your best work – and more readily help you to grow your audience.

While there may be more, here are five reasons why using a blog post template will make your blogging more successful.

#1 – For Capturing Ideas Large and Small

The inspiration for blog posts will come in a variety of forms.  It may be a specific point you wish to make or a larger problem that you plan to solve.

As you use the template you may discover that the point you planned to make isn’t the subject of the post – but merely a secondary point.  Or it may lead you to other ideas and be discarded later.

Physically writing down your points of inspiration will remind you of other related ideas.

When you select your title, it will give you thoughts about crafting your story.  For example, for this article words such as formula, recipe, and plan came to mind.

While I didn’t use any of them, it’s entirely possible the aforementioned ‘cookie-cutter formula’ was the result of thinking about recipes.

#2 – To Fulfill Audience Expectations

We all have our own natural way of doing everything – and that includes blogging. Over time you will apply your style to the best practices that you have adopted.

Your audience then comes to expect you to follow that format.  If your posts are more meaty like mine and you suddenly shift to a shorter and more pithy format, you may disappoint a portion of the audience you have worked hard to attract.

One of my habits is limiting my posts to three points that support the subject.  In some cases, such as this one, it leads to a few more.  Whatever your style, build that structure into your template.

#3 – To Speed up Your Writing

When you know where you are going you’ll get there much more quickly.

Blogging well takes time.  If you invest a little time in your planning, you will get it back with dividends in the form of speedier writing.

You don’t necessarily have to entirely complete your template before beginning to type – but at least be clear about the subject and the key points you wish to make.

#4 – For Producing Work that Gets Consumed

A well-written title gets clicked.  Now that you have earned the attention of your reader you have to deliver. This starts with what I call the opening scene – the first few lines.

Every great film starts with a carefully planned opening scene that honors the audience.  You have to do the same with your blog.

Then you have to take them on a journey that has a clear path.  That path could be a promised solution, 3 tips, or 5 reasons why.

None of that will reliably happen if you just start writing.

#5 – To Achieve a Balance of Topics

It takes time to learn the topics that your audience find most valuable.  Once that is accomplished you will want to deliver a balance of work on those selected topics.

My evergreen topics are the categories on the secondary navigation (bottom row of tabs) of this site – small business, SEO, social media, content marketing, online marketing, and small business trends.

So, as I’m building my templates I note which category each seems to fit into.  This makes it easier to sort them and publish to a calendar that delivers a nice balance.

As my photo suggests, planning your blog posts is not intended to be rigid process, though that may work for some.

My experience is that taking a ‘back of the napkin’ approach to blog post planning most reliably unleashes your full creativity.

What are the key components of your blogging template?  Leave a comment to share with the community.

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 Photo Credit:  headexplodie