Are You Marketing Like a Teenager?

When it comes to marketing it pays to be a student of human behavior – especially with those human beings that you consider to be your ideal customers.

Nevertheless, learning as much about people in general will go a long way towards making your small business marketing more effective.

I recently learned a few things by doing exactly that –  just observing a group of teenagers fishing.

On the Surface All Marketing is Noise

Marketers compete for the attention of consumers.  Today there are so many methods for accomplishing this the noise level can become deafening – especially when it comes to digital media.

What’s happening?  Marketers are broadcasting more frequently, more loudly, and longer – in an effort to attract the attention of their targeted customers.

This is exactly what I noticed while observing a group of about 15 teenagers fishing last week.  They were all having a good time – mostly showing off for each other.  Some were using profanity to draw more attention to themselves.

It was especially interesting to notice how disconnected they were – chaotically moving about in all directions.  In fact, they didn’t really seem to be a group at all.

Their activities reminded me of a typical marketplace – lots of activity with nobody paying much attention to it.

Consumers Have Learned to Tune Out Marketing

After a period of time the group got smaller.  Realizing the others were not tuning into their antics, they simply moved on to something else – one by one.

We all know this to be true in the business world.  It’s the primary challenge of marketing – gaining that initial attention so that you can engage your prospects.  Yes, effective marketing is tough work!

This is why most marketers eventually give up.  They either quit altogether, or they change their tactics – such as undertaking a complete rebranding – effectively fishing in new pond.

Successful Marketing is a Collaborative Effort

After the group of teenagers had shrunk to just a few, something amazing happen. They started working together.

Instead of showing off for the girls, the guys began helping them – and each other. They began to channel their energy into a collective and productive effort.

What happened after that?  As I’m sure you have already guessed, they indeed began to catch some fish.

This entire scenario played out over a period of maybe 15 – 20 minutes.

I was in a situation where I somehow felt compelled to stop what I was doing and and just observe. And in doing so I learned a few things about human behavior – and my business marketing.

You can judge behavior or you can learn from it.

Are you marketing like a teenager?

I’ll be the first to admit that I love attention – it’s something we learn from an early age. And it’s certainly a primary marketing objective.

However, the ultimate objective is to get results – to catch some fish.

Just like those teenagers learned, the most reliable way for doing that is to collaborate – to work together. Successful marketing today is a 360 degree collaboration – with your prospects, customers, vendors, advocates, and every member of your staff.

Teenagers have a great deal of energy, and when used well it will produce results.

So, yeah, I’m asking myself how I can better channel my marketing energies – like a teenager.

How about you?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff