Content Experiences: How to Create More Impact with Less

Content Experiences: How to Create More Impact with Less

This is Episode 52 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan.

In this episode, Robert Rose uncomplicates the practice of content marketing for us. We hear a lot about creating outstanding content, but more important is how it is strategically designed to create remarkable content experiences.

Robert Rose is in the business of helping marketers become stellar storytellers. He is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, and Senior Contributing Consultant for Digital Clarity Group. As an author, Robert’s new book Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing has been called “a treatise, a call to arms and a self-help guide for creating the experiences that consumers will fall in love with.”

Listen in as Robert shares why it’s time to think about creating less content that has more impact on the buyers journey.

Create Integrated Content Experiences

Robert Rose suggests stepping back to consider how your content strategically moves the business forward, because that is its true value. Understanding that even global brands are challenged with creating exceptional content experiences, Rose suggests focusing on one key part of the buyer’s journey, such as the lead nurture or loyalty experiences.

Then consider how that content integrates with everything else to collectively create remarkable content experiences. There is no question that content can be an amazing business differentiator, but only if it is strategically designed to deliver specific value over time.

You may wish to think of your content marketing as building a beautiful wall, brick by brick. This requires knowing what that wall will eventually look like, and what purpose it serves, in terms of changing how buyer think, feel and act towards your business or brand.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on content experiences? Meet me over on Twitter to take the conversation further.

Content Experiences: How to Create More Impact with Less

Key Take-Aways

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