Google Sees a Web of People

Google’s VP of Social, Vic Gundotra, admits that a web of pages is nothing without the context of the people associated with them.

If you have time to watch the 30 minute video, you will gain some valuable insights about Google’s future plans for their suite of services.

As a marketer, you know that when it comes to business today the web is central.  It’s a web where Google controls nearly 65% of all search results.   That alone is why they have my attention – and why I am sharing my insights from this video interview.

Collaborate with Your Customers and Clients

Get them involved early and they will help you build better products and services.  The only thing you have to do is listen – and respond accordingly.  This is how Google is building Google+.

Google+ is a work in progress.  More functionality will be added as the bugs are worked out, and the pace for doing so is being stepped up due to the early praise Google+ is receiving.

How does your company bring new ideas to your customers to field test them, thereby making them even better? 

Personalize Your Services for Regular People

When you use your expertise to provide an experience that gives your customers more control, you give them a powerful reason to do business with you.

Control with social networking services stems from privacy.  Twitter and Facebook give you control over privacy, but the choices are harsh – as in all or none.  Google has earned the trust of Google+ users by giving them 100% control over the experience.

How does your company give your customers control that earns trust?

Provide a Complete Experience by Integrating All of Your Offerings

Google offers more services now than most people know about – hundreds of them. Their goal is to provide a total experience that easily brings them all together so you are free to customize your online experience to seamlessly accomplish a number of activities – for business and pleasure.

When you focus on the experience, the necessary functionality should just fall out of that design process.

What is the ideal experience your customers are seeking that you can provide for them with your expertise?

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Enjoy your weekend,  Jeff