Professional Speaker: How to Get Paid to Speak to Your Target Audience

Professional Speaker: How to Get Paid to Speak to Your Target Audience

This is Episode 63 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan.

There are thousands of live events hosted every day in search of talented speakers, with the most in-demand ones getting paid handsomely for that responsibility.

If this sounds like something you have wanted to learn more about, you’ll want to listen to this episode with Lois Creamer. She works with speakers to book more business and monetize their intellectual property, including top professional speakers like New York Times bestselling authors Jeffrey Gitomer, Jack Canfield and Shep Hyken.

You will learn how the business of professional speaking has changed, and how you can adapt to get paid for sharing your expertise.

Speaker Marketing is a Planned Performance

Professional Speaker: How to Get Paid to Speak to Your Target Audience When approaching an organization to inquire about speaking at their events, Lois Creamer points out there are only three things you will encounter. 

  1. The decision maker
  2. His or her assistant
  3. Voicemail

How you respond in each of those situations is different, and will determine if you get an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation

Lois Creamer explains that it is vital to be prepared when approaching organizations to speak at their events. They have to know you understand their meeting objectives, and there are many ways for quickly acquiring that information.

If you listen through the entire episode your learn several practices for easily doing this research, including one killer tip that is pure genius.

Once you have the right information on your side, you have to prove you are an accomplished speaker. Testimonials are one powerful method, especially if they can be validated. Lois Creamer shares how even beginning speakers can acquire them, along with other tricks of the trade for getting paid to be a professional speaker.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on being a professional speaker. Meet me over on Twitter to take the conversation further.

Key Take-Aways

  • Meeting planners are decision makers that rarely recommend speakers but often choose from a short list based on the input of others.
  • You can contact Lois at [email protected] and learn more about her work at Book More Business
  • Read more about getting paid to speak from this article by Lois in the recent issue of Speaker Magazine

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