How Storytelling Grows Your Social Media Audience

How Storytelling Grows Your Social Media Audience

Are your social media profiles glorified resumes, or do they tell people what they really want to know – who you are and why they should care about you and your business?

In addition to technology changing, everything about people and business is changing too. This means your social media has to meet new expectations.

Media that markets these days does much more than create awareness. It makes meaningful connections, which means it inspires.

The easiest way to accomplish that is by telling stories.

Everyone is a Storyteller

Don’t think that you are not a storyteller, because you have been telling stories your entire life – beginning with your parents, then in grade school, and throughout every aspect of your adult life. Stories are how we build and sustain relationships.

My wife and I recently had dinner with friends for the first time in over two decades. For whatever reason we failed to keep in touch. To refresh my memory and learn what I could, I jumped onto LinkedIn. It’s a habit I highly recommend.

Those bits of information gave me the basis for a new understanding that grew from the stories we all shared for hours that evening. Conversations are a series of intersecting stories. It’s how we relate to the world and each other.

Stories help us thread together those pieces of information that are typically abundant in our social media profiles. Stories provide a setting that gives data context that is relatable, memorable, and a basis for taking the conversation further.

During my podcast episodes we start with the guest sharing their story. That background helps listeners understand why they should continue listening. It sets the stage for what comes next.

That’s our challenge as social media marketers. We have to make the assumption that our audience wants to know more about us as human beings. In other words, we have to assume we have their permission to tell our story.

Build a Ladder of Understanding

So, let’s go back to the basic LinkedIn information that also resides on many of your other social media profiles. This is the foundation of your story, so make sure it’s all good.

Here’s the thing. We are nearly a full decade into social media, and a lot has changed during that time. Therefore, now is the time to clean house to get rid of what’s not serving a purpose, because it only detracts from what’s most important.

Have you ever considered why Facebook is so addictive? One reason is you lose yourself in the conversations that tend to build on each other over time. Facebook is highly personal, but the same principles can be applied to all of the social networks.

You are on a journey, and telling that story will bring your current and future customers along with you.

Social media is a ladder that gives a progressively better understanding of your business. Tweet this

You are on a journey, and telling that story will bring your current and future customers along with you.

Find the gaps that limit the understanding your social media audience has for your business and how it can help them. There are lots of businesses with excellent capabilities, which is why that’s not enough anymore.

What’s the solution? Tell better stories to build a ladder of understanding that will attract and engage a community that enjoys working with you and your team.

Stories validate mutually beneficial relationships.

About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business and host of This Old New Business podcast.

He helps mainstream businesses adapt their traditional growth practices to a digital world. Connect with Jeff on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+