The Art and Science of Social Caring

How many times have you heard someone comment that they do not care about the idle chatter their connections publish on the social networks?

This may be what they enjoyed for lunch, how blue the sky is today, and that they are loving life or otherwise … HAVING AN AWESOME DAY!

The truth is you should care about everything your social connections share with you.

Here are two important reasons why.

The Art of Caring – It’s the Right Thing to Do

For any relationship to succeed, there has to be certain amount of give and take. This is especially true when the relationship is one-to-one, such as a partnership. Yet, aren’t all relationships one-to-one?

Consider what it means to be a successful business in a local community.  Every single customer, whether larger or small, expects you to care about them. That’s why they engaged in a relationship with you.

The culture of business is becoming increasingly social, and it is going to favor those businesses that find ways to care – even when they don’t.

The art of social caring is is doing so regardless of the conditions or circumstances – as a favorable outcome is most likely only possible as a result of respectful and gracious social behavior.

It’s the right thing to do.

The Science of Caring – It’s the Smart Thing to Do

When you show you care about your network of social connections by retweeting or otherwise sharing what they share with you, you are building the social graphs that communicate a great deal to the respective networks. What do these digital maps known as social graphs do for you?

  • Reinforce the alignment you have with your closest connections, thereby keeping you connected.
  • Encourage alignment with new connections that share their interests, which may well include new customers.
  • Better describe who you really are, both offline and online. If that is someone that cares, that’s good business.

Have you ever wondered why Facebook delivers to your newsfeed the updates of some friends and not others? Do you want to get your old friends back? It’s very simple, makes comments and Like their posts to send a digital message to Facebook that you care.

Isn’t it interesting how digital social networking mirrors real life?  Ignore someone and they go away – do the opposite and you have a friend or customer for life.

Facebook is notorious for manipulating what we all see in our news feeds. However, if you play the game well on sites such as LinkedIn by staying connected, you are guaranteed to build a network that will serve you well.

That’s smart for making friends and building your business.

How are you staying connected with your important relationships?  Leave a comment below or on your favorite social network.  You can reach the most popular ones with one of the share buttons below. 

Until next time, Jeff

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7 Secrets to Getting More from LinkedIn

Whether you are looking for a job, more customers, or business alliances, LinkedIn can prove to be an invaluable resource – provided you take advantage of its full capabilities.

While many simply use LinkedIn as their digital business card, it offers capabilities that can transform that business card into a multi-media website for accomplishing business objectives.

The following video walks you through 7 secrets for getting more from LinkedIn.  It is just over 4 minutes and moves pretty fast, so the checklist below with additional information will also prove to be helpful in implementing these specific techniques.

#1 – Use Appropriate Keywords – In your heading and title.

When it comes to searching LinkedIn, most people consider their heading to be synonymous with their title. However, you can creatively use keywords in your heading to be more findable for multiple skills, areas of expertise, and audiences.

#2 – Be Diligent About Updating Your LinkedIn Connections

To maximize your benefit from all of the social networking sites you have to accurately describe who you are to create an accurate social graph. This means effectively mirroring your offline and online networks.

#3 – Link to Your Websites with Anchor Text Keywords

LinkedIn gives you a link to up to three websites or pages, and most people easily comply by filling in the blanks with their company websites, personal website, or blog. However, those links can be modified with keywords that make them much more valuable. The trick is using the “other” category to enable that option.

#4 – Add Video to Your Profile to Make it Come Alive

There are two applications for adding video to your LinkedIn profile.  In 3 Powerful LinkedIn Profile Tips I show how this is done with Google Presentations.  This worked very well for a period of time, but then issues developed.  For that reason, I switched to using the Slideshare App.  The only problem is Slideshare shows your most recent presentation, so you may have to reload to keep the one you want on your LinkedIn profile.

#5 – Tag Your Skills and Expertise

While tagging your skills and expertise does not seem to make a significant difference with LinkedIn search, it certainly can’t hurt to keep them current. It may be the deciding factor for someone who has already found you on LinkedIn.

#6 – Tag and Filter Connections to Build Relationships

Asking for a favor when you just meet someone is not smart networking.  Thus, tagging connections so that you can share useful information when it presents itself is a great way to build mutually beneficial relationships over time.

#7 – Make Notes to Remember Important Details and Opportunities

In The Start-Up of You, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman makes an important point: “It’s better to be the best connected than the most connected.”

Virtually everyone has more than 500 LinkedIn connections, but how well are you using them to advance your career or business? Take action – make notes of those relevant opportunities and follow up.

As a bonus, I also describe in 3 Invaluable LinkedIn Tips how I acknowledge ever new connection.  It takes a few extra seconds, but its one more way to differentiate yourself from others who are just collecting more connections.

Which one of these 7 secrets will you use to get more from LinkedIn?

Leave a comment below and share this with your community using any of the share buttons below – or on the little red bar at the bottom of this page.

Until next time, Jeff