Finding Your Way with Social Media

There is no template for using social media well.  You have to find your own way.

There are indeed best practices you can follow.  However, adapting those to your business is something that is unique to it – including your company culture and the people you serve.

As children, many of us were fascinated by the notion that no two snowflakes are alike. Those of us that made the effort to disprove that theory discovered it to be true.

Your business is one unique snowflake in a blizzard of marketing noise.  

If you find a way to use social media to amplify that – you have found a path that will serve you well, regardless of the inevitable changes that may come along.

Start with Your Social Media Structure

While there isn’t a template for using social media, there is an essential structure that makes everything work.

It starts with Designing for People – those your business serves. Then Building for Consumption – creating content that provides solutions to relevant problems.  And that leads to Engaging for Results – converting the trust you have developed into tangible business transactions.

This is a simple process of attraction, engagement, and conversion.  

You have to use what is unique and personal to you to attract your ideal prospects, engage with them to build a mutually beneficial relationship, and then help them further by offering quality products and services that further enhance their situation – as well yours.

Social Media is a Process of Collaboration and Community

Your business is a work-in-progress that continues to better serve your customers. You are changing and so are they. The challenge is to make sure you are both on the same path.

If you are clear about who you can serve well, you have taken the vital step of picking a lane. Only novices claim to be able to help anyone and everyone.

Once this is accomplished, the necessary engagement with that community naturally follows. You speak the language of that community – and that resonates with them at an emotional level.

Do you remember how you responded in grade school (or college) to the words – “listen up class.”  Many of us simply nodded and continued to chat with our friends, because a communication to everyone is the same as a communication to no one.

But nothing gets your attention like your own name.  That’s engaging.

Your community knows who they are.  Find the key words that resonate with that community and you will have their attention.

Once you accomplish that, you can collaborate with them to develop solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Interactive communities work. They seek to support the collective efforts or everyone.

Social media is just one means for helping you with that.

When you do – you have found you way.

Applying your social media structure to that – you are now on your way.

Does this resonate with you?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

 Photo Credit: nutmeg66