3 Reasons to Start Writing

Writing is an activity that helps you discover new ideas, recall those you have since dismissed, and share all of them with your audience.

In many ways, writing is like a meditation – it’s a focusing technique that clears the way to bring forward the best that you have to offer.

If you happen to be a business writer, the writing process serves to create viable solutions to problems for the communities you serve.

Writing Helps You Remember

How can you expect to find something that you are not actively looking for?

In many ways, writing is a commitment to a goal – with an understanding the solutions will indeed come. It’s a matter of intention that is sometimes coupled with fear and desire. Use whatever works for you, because anything that brings your full attention and awareness to the task at hand is what is needed.

You have to bring your full capabilities to the problem at hand – your assignment, task, or endeavor. It’s a process of putting your being into motion – with attention, awareness, and focus.

When you exercise, you become more aware of your health. When you write you become more aware of ideas. It’s all about awareness.

When you write you are open to ideas, practically willing them to manifest – and they do.

Ideas are like money – if you look for them they will arrive. You have an amazing power to create, but you have to make the effort and commit to the practice of writing to achieve desired results.

Writing Helps You Discover

Stephen King said this: “Writing is like walking through a desert and all at once, poking through the hardpan, I see the top of a chimney. And I know there is a house under there, one that I’m pretty sure I can dig up.”

You have to start writing to uncover what you have yet to discover.

Here’s a true story. I wrote this article twice – with the first draft being lost, thanks to a faulty Internet connection.

My natural reaction was to be fearful – but I’ve learned from previous experiences not to do that.

Those ideas are still there – you only have to go back and unearth them again.

Know that and it will set you free – and your ideas will come along for the ride.

Writing is a Vehicle for Sharing

However you capture your ideas, you want to digitize them so that they can be shared.

Your memory bank is loaded with so much valuable information, but it is valueless if it doesn’t reach your target audience. Capture and share them.

As my colleague Sam Horn likes to say: “If you think it – ink it.”

The web revolves around one primary objective – and that is search. When you capture your ideas you will want to tag them with keywords – the ones that resonate with your ideal customers – and therefore, the customers you have yet to serve.

You need to capture your ideas on a medium from which they can be shared – a website, your blog, an eBook, or in part, the social networks.

When you digitize your ideas, you create a legacy that you can draw on for years to come. It becomes a source of content that resonates with your customers – and attracts new ones.

There are countless reasons to start writing, with one of them being self-expression.

If you are businessperson, why not use your writing to share that wisdom to serve your customers – helping them while moving your business forward?

If you are looking for an excellent book that will help you with this, check out On Writing by Stephen King. It’s an honest, insightful, and entertaining perspective from a master of the craft.

The cover has been changed, but I still like the one depicted above from when I read it cover to cover on an international flight over ten years ago.

My promise is it will inspire you.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff