Why Being Wrong is Right for Business

Businesses work very hard at being right in order to attract more business – and so do their competitors.

If everyone is right there is no differentiation – and no sale.

A better strategy is being wrong to be right.

Trust Wins Customers

Your marketing has to resonate with your audience at an emotional level.   They have to trust you.

You cannot build trust if you are always right because nobody has all of the solutions – and buyers intuitively know this.

However, if you expose your vulnerabilities to show a weakness that is a strength in disguise, you immediately gain the respect you need to build trust – and win a new customer.

Ask Questions

The right questions reveal the weaknesses of your clients.

If you happen to share those weaknesses, but have learned to overcome them, you have uncovered something valuable – your ideal audience.

Mainstream small businesses are challenged with the technology necessary to get results from their online marketing.

For over three decades I have studied and excelled at marketing – but I will always be challenged with technology to some degree.

The difference is I take the time (more than I would care to admit) to overcome my weakness, to the point that my clients consider me to be tech savvy.

When I first mention to prospects that I am challenged with technology they are usually surprised.  It seems wrong – but it is nonetheless true.

Weaknesses gives us perspective.  They gives us alignment with customers who are just like us. 

When combined with my extensive research and perseverance, my weakness is precisely why I can better help my customers than someone who is technically skilled.

What attributes, qualities, or capabilities do you share with your customers that would not otherwise be apparent?

Don’t Fake It

If you have ever tried to be someone you are not you know with certainty that you cannot fake authenticity. Seriously, this is precisely why many small businesses fail.

Your success is very likely embedded within your weaknesses.  

Are you naturally shy but have learned to overcome that to become a successful sales professional?

Can you readily visualize creative solutions but do not have the skills for physically designing and communicating them?

Are you great at research but lousy at implementation?

Like most of us, you wish you could be as good as the competition that is more skilled at doing the right things.

What’s wrong with you?

Learn more about that.  That will help you find your niche.

Anyone can be right.  Being wrong to be right is a process of taking something that is personal and real, and building on it to help a defined community that has long since tuned out marketing that is designed for the masses.

Right marketing is mass marketing. Wrong marketing is niche marketing.

As you know, small businesses typically get rich when they find their niche.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

Photo Credit:  David Castillo Dominici