New Ways For Using QR Codes

Can you scan a QR code at 30,000 feet?

Indeed you can – even without an Internet signal.  The logical question is where is the value if you cannot link to the web?  Read further and I’ll share some insights.

Use QR Codes to BookMark Links

When you scan a QR code with one of the more advanced readers, such as i-nigma or the Qrafter iPhone app – they record a history of those links, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection for allowing the scan to resolve to the web.

Since I had the time on my flight today, I scanned every code in the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine to test whether or not they were valid codes – including a red one, and another that had a questionable quiet zone.

When our flight landed I was able to click on the links because they were all recorded in my history  This made me realize that scanning a QR code is a great way to bookmark a link to marketing materials and other online content for later consumption.

This further got me thinking that it is important to clearly identify for your target audience what information your QR codes will deliver.  Is it your primary website, an instructional video, or a discount coupon?  The more we know, the more likely we’ll read your code – especially if they offer one of value.

Use QR Codes to Share Links

Your bookmarked links can be easily shared via SMS (text) or email, as well as some other methods. This is something that marketers will want to encourage with a specific call to action.

I-nigma allows for sharing on Twitter and Facebook, which is really nice – though given the clicks and logins required, it could have been accomplished more easily outside of the app. Qrafter allows for sharing groups of links – those you have starred or your entire history – and all with just one push.

This sharing aspect of QR codes has a lot of potential for driving more traffic to your online web content.  Once again though, it is necessary to clearly indicate the actions you seek from your audience.

Carry a Gallery of QR Codes on Your Mobile Device

Qrafter is the only QR code reader I am aware of that is also a code generator.  I was able to generate codes in seconds without an Internet connection – and even adjust the background color and that of the code.

However, my big insight was realizing the possibilities for using these generated codes that are automatically stored on the camera roll of my iphone.  Now I have a gallery of QR codes that can be read directly from my camera phone to instantly share specific and targeted online multi-media content.

More significantly, sharing content in this way can be accomplished in less than optimal environments, such as noisy or crowded conferences or restaurants – quickly, easily, and accurately. 

And it’s all done in real-time.

Does this give you some new ideas for using QR codes to grow your small business?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff