How to Successfully Launch and Propel Your Business Upward

Do you have a great business idea but don’t know where to start?  Is your small business stuck?

Michael Stelzner is someone who has successfully met both challenges – and he describes how you can do the same in his newly released book.

In Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, Mike shares the learning he gained from previous business ventures and experiences that helped him build Social Media Examiner into a top business blog and a multi-million dollar business in less than two years – despite lacking direct experience in that industry.

I had the opportunity to interview Mike to get a first hand account of how marketing has significantly changed in recent years – and why you’ll want to change with it if you expect to capably move  your business forward.

You will discover there are a number of paradoxes associated with marketing today that are nonetheless true. To provide just one example, Mike shows why freely sharing and giving to your community without expecting anything in return will help to propel your business or project to the next level.

Skeptical?  If you aren’t, then you are in the minority.

Successful Marketing is Built on a Foundation of Trust

Nearly 2/3 consumers today do not trust businesses, according to Mike Stelzner.  This is precisely why the foundation of the Launch formula is to establish trust with the community you serve – as well as those that you work with.

Not surprisingly, that is exactly what Mike does in the first chapter of Launch. If you read that, you will trust Mike Stelzner.  And you can get a free download of that chapter here – with no obligation. You don’t even have to provide your email.

How’s that for a gift?

Just by reading that first chapter you will quickly realize that Mike isn’t holding anything back.  He freely shares the details of how he built Social Media Examiner into a profitable business and an invaluable resource for small businesses.

And the way he did it is about as uncomplicated as it gets.

This means you can readily apply Mike’s methods to either getting your business unstuck – or starting a new venture.

Spaceships and Businesses Don’t Propel Upward by Themselves

I’ll be honest – my business has been growing the past few years, but it nevertheless needs a boost to achieve the goals we have established.  After reading Launch, I can now see that I missed some simple, yet vital steps.

You too will find plenty of aha moments in Launch that can be readily applied to your business.

Propelling a spaceship beyond the gravitational pull of our atmosphere is a fairly simple concept. Yet, there are many things that have to be in place for that to happen.  For one thing, spaceships don’t fly themselves. There has to be a plan in place that when implemented will result in a successful mission.

That’s what you will find in Launch.

You will discover that the secret to launching a business is not complicated when you have a blueprint and a list of steps to follow.

Get a Free Copy of Launch

Social Media Examiner is a business that continues to grow at a steady clip.  In fact, I think even Mike is surprised at the success he and his team have achieved.

So, then why would he share the formula and details that made it all possible with the entire planet?

The answer to that question is another paradox that is explained by The Elevation Principle:  You can elevate your business by first helping your community with useful information that helps them solve problems, and then marketing to them later – usually much later.

Does it work? Ask Mike.  You’ll find him at @mike_stelzner on Twitter or hanging out at the Launch Facebook page.

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Elevate your business by helping your community with useful information first - and then marketing later.

If you are planning to launch a new business or project, spend a few hours with Launch.  You can start by downloading the free chapter.

The practical advice in Launch will not only help you to propel your business beyond the competition, it will also remind you that business can be fun again.

What project have you badly wanted to launch but just didn’t know how to go about it?

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Enjoy your weekend,  Jeff