The Best of Jeff Korhan 2011

2011 proved to be a positive year for small business marketers – one in which social media and other forms of online marketing moved further into the mainstream.

Smart business marketers have begun to realize that social is not just a layer to add to their marketing, but an essential component that has to be baked into every aspect of the business.

My experience working with mainstream small businesses, and interacting with you both here and on the primary social networks, is that there is quite an appetite for educational content for making that happen.

So, as long as you keep showing up here, I’ll do the same.

Without further delay, here are the best articles of from 2011. They were selected primarily based upon the extent of social sharing – your digital votes of confidence.

Also, to limit this list to a dozen, there was a bias applied regarding future relevance as to where new media and small business marketing is sure to be trending in 2012.

More on 2012 trends coming soon!

Social Media Networking and Marketing

3 Powerful LinkedIn Profile Tips

Create a powerful LinkedIn profile by tagging your title with keyword phrases, adding video, and identifying and adding your most relevant skills.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

There many ways to protect your Facebook and other online accounts from being hacked, but these 5 tips are the most powerful and easily implemented.

Facebook Timeline is Your People Magazine

The magazine style format of Facebook Timeline will change how Facebook is used by increasing awareness that every user is indeed an online publisher.

Mainstream Small Business Marketing

Why Groupon is Bad for Small Business

Groupon is like a Super Bowl ad.  It definitely creates awareness, but it does so at a price – one with consequences that should be carefully considered.

Ask Your Customers the Tough Questions

Your best customers will tell you the truth – even when you ask them the tough questions that will give you what you need to make your business and your marketing more better.

Social Media Tips for Local Retailers

Traditional retailers can use social media to bring the in-store experience online – and drive those customers to the store where they can experience its full value.

5 Best Practices for a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign

Successful QR code campaigns should carefully consider your mobile marketing objectives and deliver a favorable user experience for your target audience.

Are You a Brand or a Business?

Brands are symbolic, whereas business are practical and experiential. They solidify relationships that build true customer loyalty.

Blog or Website?  The Real Difference

The most promising online marketing site today may be a hybrid site that combines the best qualities of a blog and traditional website on the home page.

Content Marketing and Search

How to Prepare Your Business for Social Search

Search is what drives the web, and its rapidly moving to where the most relevant content is being created – the social networks.

How to Make Your Video Go Viral

The most reliable way for making your business videos go viral is to work at making them useful for serving the highest needs of your community.

Quality Online Content is Not Enough

It’s not enough to create quality content to be relevant for the new SEO – you have to create an experience that is attractive, interesting, and user friendly.

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