How To Make Your Marketing Memorable

To make your marketing memorable you have to make it so colorful, so exciting, and so different from anything that has previously been imagined that it cannot possibly be forgotten.

The foregoing statement is an adaptation that paraphrases a quote from Moonwalking with Einstein:  The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, by Joshua Foer.

It’s a book that is not only helpful for building your memory skills, but also an interesting and detailed account of the author’s journey to the U.S. Memory Championship.

As a marketer, I’m less interested in what I remember than what my prospects and customers do.

Pictures Are Rich with Details

What I have learned from this fascinating book is that human beings remember images best.

Thus, your marketing needs to create a picture that is unforgettable.  This can be accomplished best with detail, a bit of exaggeration, and context.

  • Relevant details build a picture in the minds eye of your prospects.
  • Exaggeration makes that picture larger – something like the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room – or a purple cow.
  • Context is what anchors that image to make it personally memorable.

Context Makes Pictures Memorable

Human beings are spatially oriented.

It turns out we also tend to remember details associated with familiar places.  This is evidently a conditioned response that dates back to our ancestors – whose lives were associated with familiar places in the local communities where they lived their entire life.

There are many techniques for remembering massive amounts of irrelevant data. However, the concept of capturing an image and tagging it to a location is one that is universal – and that easily translates to your small business marketing.

So, the formula is very simple. Create a memorable picture with an interesting story and anchor it to place – one where there are hundreds (or thousands) of prospects that can benefit from the solutions your business offers.

Presumably this is the location of your business or your current customers.

You can do that with words, images, and videos that are readily shareable on the social networks.

Do you have to be outrageous like Lady Gaga to be memorable?  Probably not, but you still have to create a memorable picture that helps your prospects envision succeeding with you.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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