Google Adwords Express for Local Small Businesses

Yesterday Google launched Adwords Express for local small businesses.

This video that Google created to promote Adwords is not necessarily instructional, but it is entertaining – and should serve as a wake-up call to local small businesses who are relying on traditional methods to generate leads.

Your Local Small Business

Indeed, there are many small businesses that are still getting favorable results from direct mail and Yellow Page advertising.  I spoke to one local business today who explained that their elderly or low income customers simply do not use computers, since instead they have a variety of home care services to do it for them.

Google Adwords Express is perfect for small businesses like this who are just getting their feet wet with online marketing, and who simply do not yet have the time to build a social media fan base to drive their online marketing.

To be clear, Google Adwords places your business on page one of a Google search for the category you choose. That’s what you are paying for.  Note how Google Adwords gives an “A” placement icon in blue above the organic “A” search result in red below it.

Google loves search – but they love paid search results even more!

Google Adwords and Places

To see how this works, I went to Adwords Express and took the initial steps to sign up. The required information is limited to your business name, phone number, address, and your business category.  From this, Google will automatically start populating your page for Google Places and Google Maps.

If you have a website, that becomes the online hub that your prospects will be directed to.  If not, your Google Places page serves as your home online.

Budgeting for Adwords

Setting your Adwords budget is fairly straightforward.  Google will present you with options for a range of clicks for the dollars you are willing to invest.  You only pay for the actual clicks you receive within that range.

I’m often asked how businesses (like mine) that do not have a physical location can take advantage of Google Places and Google Maps. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible – and certainly not advisable if you operate your business from your personal residence.

If you happen to be a local small business with a physical location, the good news is you should be able to try this service out for FREE – or nearly so.

I’ve received many online and regular mail offers of coupons for $100 off on Google Adwords – but have ignored them because I’m not a local business. Search or keep your eyes open for these incentives and give Adwords Express a test drive.

This is an ideal opportunity to experiment and learn more about how this method of online marketing can grow your small business.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff