These are my favorite digital marketing tools. This is a curated list of resources that I personally use and pay for, and therefore can recommend with full confidence.

Over time I will be adding more resources, so please bookmark this page and check back often.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I will make a small commission if you decide to purchase, but at no additional cost to you.

I’m recommending these resources because I use and trust them and the companies that stand behind these digital marketing tools. In most, if not all circumstances you can try them out for free before making a decision to buy. Also, some offer basic versions that are free, with the option to pay for additional features.

Jeff Korhan ResourcesNimble Social CRM: If you choose only one tool to manage and streamline your social media marketing, this is the one. Use it to manage your social media conversations, stay in touch with friends and influencers, and track sales opportunities.


Jeff Korhan ResourcesMailChimp: This is a robust email service that happens to be free if your subscriber list is less than 2,000 subscribers. I used MailChimp for years myself before upgrading to a more advanced CRM. That is why I confidently recommend it to our clients.



Jeff Korhan ResourcesBufferApp: If you use Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and would like to schedule your content days or even weeks into the future, you can easily accomplish that with this app using the “Power Scheduler.” The basic version is free. Power users may wish to consider the Buffer Awesome for the small additional investment.

Jeff Korhan ResourcesOnline Course Maker: If you are using your newsletter, blog and other digital media to help your community, you may wish to offer premium content for those that want to go to the next level. Joining Online Course Maker is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.


Jeff Korhan Resources Hootsuite


Hootsuite: This is tool is great for social media listening. The dashboard can be customized to multiple data streams for each social network.  The Pro version is necessary to manage more than three accounts.

Jeff Korhan Resources


Feedly: The go-to content curation service since Google killed the popular Google Reader is Feedly. The free version works nicely to deliver regular news from blogs and traditional news services such as the New York Times, with the small investment for Pro allowing for integration with Evernote and other services.


Jeff Korhan ResourcesRainMaker Platform: In my nearly 20 years online I have never been more excited about anything as much at the Rainmaker Platform. It’s a complete website solution for building your online sales and marketing site on WordPress. It takes care of everything for you, including hosting, security and software updates. I’m launching my new Landscape Digital Institute on Rainmaker this month.


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