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It’s Time to Design Your Business Around Social

Smart businesses today realize that social is not just a layer to add to their marketing, but an essential component that has to be baked into every aspect of the business.

If you think about it, the social version of anything is more engaging and will out-perform those that are non-social. Isn’t this how business has always worked?  If two companies and their offerings are perceived as identical, the more socially engaging company is sure to win the business.

Social is not Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – it is people. 

People are hard-wired to connect and engage with others, and anything that works against that is friction that inhibits your success.

From a business perspective, what makes social media work is a foundational structure that collectively and humanly engages the business and its mission with the communities it serves.

That structure does not necessarily have to use social media technologies and channels, it only has to recognize that social is dramatically influencing how you should market and operate your business today.

Businesses now have to go beyond social media technologies to rethink and redesign everything around the principles of social.

This is what can create that vital frictionless alignment with your ideal customers.

The following selected articles will help you to build a business structure that is not only relevant and attractive to the communities you serve, but also more sustainable in a business environment in which consumers are your new business partners.

Why You Should Design Your Business Around Social

The social version of anything is more engaging and will outperform non-social. It’s measured by context, closeness, and relationships.

Are You a Social Marketing Leader?

Small businesses typically play it safe with their marketing. The paradox is that leading with social media is now the safest move you can make.

Are You a Brand or a Business

Brands are symbolic, whereas business are practical and experiential. They solidify relationships that build true customer loyalty.

Call Me – Going Beyond Social Media

Don’t let social media blind you to the fact that business is about interacting and engaging with people to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Let Your Customers Own Your Brand

Design your business around social and your customers will do your marketing for you – that’s what it means to let your customers own your brand.

Social Marketing is a Process

Social media marketing, or social marketing, is a strategic process that is designed to create a buzz that ultimately leads to profitable sales.

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