Small Business

This is An Extraordinary Time for Small Businesses

There has never been a better time to start, own, or operate a small business.

We are squarely in a business climate that favors small businesses.  Consumers today are making decisions more carefully, and that favors small businesses that they can trust – especially local businesses hey can personally get to know.

Combine this with the fact there are now abundant resources available to help small businesses connect with customers, with the social networks being one of the most notable.

Relevant Mainstream Small Business Experience

Welcome to a place of rationale thinking. If you hang around you will discover  tools and best practices that you can readily apply to your business. That’s a promise.

After starting and operating three successful small businesses over the past 3 decades, I’m confident I have walked in shoes (or boots) like yours. That practical experience is applied to filtering the massive amount of information news sources to capture only what is relevant for most mainstream small businesses.

Once, in a while something really nice comes along that I’ll share – but only after I have had direct experience with it myself.

To be perfectly honest, while I enjoy some of the cool things technology does for us, I’m only interested in what you are – what will make my job easier and my business more profitable.

Web Marketing and a Little Bit More

Some of the content you’ll find here will include technology reviews and tips, practical how-to articles, interviews with industry experts, and even a few tips on staying motivated.

Here’s some of the more popular recent articles.

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