Search Engine Optimization is Now Inherently Social

With the introduction of Search, Plus Your World, Google is is now proving that your Google+ social graph may be the most powerful component of search relevance for you and your business.

First things first.

If you are not familiar with social graphs, start by reviewing this article on How to Prepare Your Business for Social Search – including a study of the embedded links.

Then relax.

If you are just getting started with building your search optimization strategy, understand that following some tried and true best practices will serve you well moving forward, regardless of the inevitable changes.

SEO for the Common Man is a fresh article with easy to implement ideas that will ensure you are on the right path for SEO relevancy in 2012.

And if you have been creating quality content to help your community, go back and freshen up some of it to ensure its continued relevance in search. Google will indeed reward you for that minimal effort.  How Google is Like a Third Grader will give you three simple tips for making this happen.

There no question that 2012 is going to be a breathtaking year for anyone interested in search engine optimization – which should include you too if you own, operate, manage, or otherwise depend upon a small business for your livelihood.

We are confident these 2012 Social Media Predictions for Mainstream Small Business will serve you well as the year unfolds.

More recently, learning How Google is Like a Third Grader will surely help you focus your SEO efforts to be relevant to your target audience.

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