Ideas Are the Air Marketing Needs to Breathe

Ideas are the air that marketing needs to breathe.
Maybe you are familiar with this quote from Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winning scientist and author.
“The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”
Studies reveal highly creative people don’t necessarily produce more great ideas. They just happen to produce more ideas than their peers.
In other words, if you want great ideas you have to work at it.
The way to find great ideas is to produce a lot of ideas because the best ones will be found at the intersection of two or three.
Even then you won’t know for sure until you test to discover which ones resonate with your audience.
Where Do Ideas Come From?
New ideas come from reading, doing research, and interacting with other people. People that are like you and not like you. People you love and others with whom you disagree.
Every day we create our reality and the reason it doesn’t always work out is the tendency to repeat our worn out past.
This is why it’s necessary to break out of your comfortable group of friends and the events you frequent to find new intersections for
discovering ideas that are there for the taking.
Think about this. If ideas are the air that marketing needs to breathe and your business is suffocating, would you be willing to try new paths to success, if yes, go check out awol academy now, you won’t regret. Good luck.

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