Business Communication: How to Build Relationships with Technology

This is Episode 25 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan.

Business Communication: How to Build Relationships with Technology

You’ll find this episode to be an easy listen because Terry Brock is a natural storyteller.

In addition to being a Hall of Fame speaker, Terry is known for discovering useful technologies, but more important, he has a knack for finding creative ways for using them well.

You should also be ready to take notes too because Terry shares some great technology tips that will simplify your life.

Our Featured Guest: Terry Brock

Business Communication: How to Build Relationships with TechnologyTerry Brock is a communicator. He is a columnist with Business Journals (which includes 43 papers that receive 40 million monthly page views). He is also a Hall of Fame speaker, former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s blog, and former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype. He helps organizations leverage technology and build business relationships with time-honored principles.

Discover Technology Combinations to Enhance Business Communication

Terry notes that the principles of communication that work today are the same as always. The difference, of course, is learning to use technology to your advantage.

You may be surprised that most of the tools Terry recommends have been around for some time. He emphasizes that businesses fail with technology because they don’t practice the tools to learn how to get the most from them.

We’ve all heard that technology is only as good as what you can do with it. Terry suggests you look for combinations of technology to discover applications that nobody may have yet considered. See Terry’s productivity tip below for an interesting combination for using email in a new way.

Video and Audio are Natural for Communication

Terry Brock is a big advocate for using video as much as possible for business communication. The reason for this is people naturally communicate better face-to-face when they can read facial expressions. It’s how we have always communicated.

Therefore, use Skype more often instead of a phone call. Also, EyeJot is a handy application that Terry uses to send video with emails, even from a mobile device.

You may be using voice dictation to send text messages, but have you considered using voice dictation to complete emails, documents, or even for writing your next book? If you are a Mac user, you can access the free built-in dictation feature from the Edit tab.

People respond more favorably to video and audio because the mediums lend themselves to greater intimacy. This is one reason why I’m a huge advocate of podcasting. It really is invaluable for building relationships with your community.

 How is your business using technology for relationship building? 

Lighting Round Tips and Advice

Terry’s Top Sales or Marketing Advice – Use ordinary tools like pen and paper and the telephone to let people know you appreciate them and are available as a resource.

His Favorite Productivity Tip – Use voice dictation to speed up email processing. It is now built into Mac’s. Just access from the Edit menu. Another tip Terry gave was to use EyeJot and to send yourself video messages that help you to reflect and make the next year better. Use Boomerang for Gmail to forward them to yourself for receipt late in December.

A Quote that has Inspired Terry’s Success – “Live life to the fullest doing what you love to do as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.” – John Locke (paraphased)

Key Take-Aways

  • Voice dictation will make you a better business communicator because for it to be accurate, you have to learn to enunciate well. Terry recommends the Linx Able Planet technology headset for recording. They are reasonably priced and available from Amazon and other sources.
  • Studies suggest we learn better and faster when the content is consumed at an accelerated rate. Adjust the settings on educational YouTube videos to accelerated playback speeds of  1.25, 1.50, or 1.75 times to enhance your learning.
  • Terry is presently reading and recommends MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins and Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I recommended The Innovators by Walter Isaccson.
  • Check out Terry’s latest book: Klout Matters
  • You can reach Terry at or

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About the Author:  Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business and host of This Old New Business podcast.

He helps mainstream businesses adapt their traditional growth practices to a digital world. Connect with Jeff on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+

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  1. Terry Brock is a great guest! I really enjoyed listening to him. Now I need to find a couple of apps for my Android that do what Suri does.

    Jeff, you did a good job of interviewing. You did a great job of getting Terry to share about technology – even the pen and paper! ha!


    • Thanks Rob – Terry surprised me a little by keeping everything less technical, but then that led to a surprisingly refreshing discussion. We are conditioned to think that we need to race to keep up with technology, when in reality we just need to consider what will help us achieve better results.

      I personally loved the idea of combining Boomerang with Eyejot. And yes, the suggestion to use good old pen and paper more was a good one too. I rarely go back and read my journals, but I find it invaluable for capturing thoughts first thing in the morning.