Fun with Facebook Comment Emoticons

If you believe as I do that Facebook is for showing off – then this is for you.

Facebook has now activated emoticons for comments – those little versions of the smiley face and more.

They will not work for status updates – only comments.

Friendly emoticons are a great way for businesses to humanize their comments to encourage more Facebook engagement.

So, now instead of just inserting a smiley face 🙂 you can be more expressive and add cool sunglasses to your smiley face by using 8| instead.

If this sticks we’ll all soon learn to use every single symbol on our keyboards.

Here’s where you can go to get the current list of symbols for Facebook emotions.

One that is sure to be a favorite is simply the letter within parentheses (y) to activate the Facebook Like thumbs up.

My daughter is a big fan of penguins, so she will like this symbol <(“) for sure.

Have fun experimenting – Happy Friday.

How about you?  Will you use Facebook emoticons to increase engagement with your fans?

 Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Until next time, Jeff


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  1. I came across some pages where the comments were looking a bit different today. Took a second for me to realize that the Smileys aka Emoticons we use in the Comments and Chats had the actual graphical icons in the comments too. I also found this video:

  2. I love it but for the life of me can’t figure out the sunglasses :(. I’ve done 8 and B with l with no luck. It’s getting frustrating. thanks.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Deb – Are you using a capital I or the vertical line | that looks nearly identical. If you are on a Mac it is on the far right just below delete.

      For the the numeral 8 with the vertical line works. Let me know if that works out – good question! 🙂

      • About making the sunglasses smiley. I have tried also using Bl 8l I can’t figure this out….I don’t have a Mac. I don’t see a vertical line on my HP keyboard. Any ideas?

        • Jeff Korhan says:

          When in doubt Google it. I found some variances between Mac keyboards but have no idea how to locate on a PC.

          It may be a “special character” which may indicate it’s hidden and you need to know the keystrokes.

  3. Dawn Wright says:

    Here is an old list I found online: these work on the comment section of your site.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I haven’t experimented with emoticons, but I know that using images in Facebook gives you more exposure and engagement

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      My rule is do not even bother posting in Facebook without a photo. It not only engages people but I have to believe Facebook gives your post greater Edgerank weight.

  5. I have been searching for this type of blog post Fun with Facebook Comment Emoticons with the longest time,Thanks for excellent blog post,

  6. :poop: puts in the poop emoticon!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Yep, while I’m not going to try it, my research tells me that will indeed do what you say it will. 🙂

  7. Nice post Jeff, love your Blog, have bookmarked you.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Thanks Edward – Sorry for the slow reply but have been traveling and overrun with emails.



  8. Whatsapp friends should have an option like Facebook. Whatsbook need friend request or followers request, too many ppl are adding others while some are not aware, this is something serious here. That’s not privacy for those who like. This guy add my number without I even gave it to him. something needs to be done about that

  9. I use these on Skype every day and have yet to really apply them on Facebook. I always end my deals with a emoticon handshake. <3 the article.