Specific Solutions are Better

Has your company lost business to one whose solutions are inferior to yours?

We have all experienced this frustration, and the truth is it is our own fault.

The only reason anyone settles for a lesser solution is because they are not aware of what is better. When this happens, the problem is usually the result of your failed marketing efforts.

Everyone wants the best, or at least better.

Your job is to ensure your success by clearly and consistently communicating those qualities that differentiate your offerings from those that appear to be similar.

And that means focusing on specifics that cut through the general market chatter.

Specific Solutions are Better

If you are interested in a book on sales and you go to Amazon you will undoubtedly discover abundant choices that leave you with a decision – which one is the right one?

Now imagine that you find one that is specifically targeted to your industry, or better yet, to a specific problem that you and others in your industry are commonly faced with? That’s the one to choose, isn’t it?

When solutions are general they favor the provider – one size fits all. When they are specific they favor the user – just right for you.

What does your ideal customer really need?  What they want is often general, but what they need is you.

So, they have to find you, and they will if you are specific about how you can help them. To do that you have to have the guts to reflect that in your marketing.

It takes courage to be specific with your marketing because that means eliminating a huge chunk of potential buyers.

However, when you do that you tell the right ones that you are a glove fit for them.

Local Solutions are Better

One of the best ways for small businesses to be specific is to be local – and better yet, hyperlocal.

When I operated my landscape contracting business the majority of our work was in specific neighborhoods. In social media parlance, we had a tribe of loyal customers that served as trusted friends that would back up our promises.

It is indeed possible to be a member of multiple tribes, but only if you consistently engage with them.

You can do this with your online marketing if you care to take make the effort of organizing your respective communities. This focus keeps you in touch. It keeps you in the know, and most importantly, it keeps you relevant.

You can accomplish this on LinkedIn with tags, on Facebook with smart lists, and on Twitter with lists.

Personal Solutions are Better

Nothing speaks louder than proof. Unfortunately, marketers have always been tempted with stretching the truth. Some would even say that is what marketers do!

The best way to validate your proven successes is with visual proof,  live and unstaged videos, photos, and testimonials that capture the subtle human qualities that are undeniable and believable.

Imperfections are believable, but who cares if they amplify the true qualities of your business? Imperfections communicate humanity and a willingness to work through everything to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Traditional marketing was all about the medium – if they can say it, it must be true. Marketing today is all about proof – show me what it is like to work with your company.

Get specific, get real, and be honest.

That’s a simple solution to being the specific solution that your prospects are likely to choose.

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Until next time, Jeff

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  1. Jeff,

    There are so many things I agree with here, I don’t know here to begin!

    Being specific and narrowing down your market is a great way to generate more sales. You are known as the “go to for landscaping in a xyz neighborhood” or “chiropractor for golfers” and people will flock to for that reason. It also helps build word of mouth as neighbors and golfers will talk about their yard or how great their back feels.

    The other thing I am in totally agreeance with is providing visual evidence. Testimonials are huge and I think if it’s done through video, the better. There is more emotion and personal connection through video.

    That would obviously work well for the chiropractor who deals with golfers.

    Having visual before and after photos along with testimonials would be the way to go for our landscaper.

    It’s all about building that trust and credibility.

    I’ve been told by some marketing colleagues that I should be focusing on getting more specific rather than offering my services to anyone. After reading this it’s time to do just that!

    Thanks Jeff!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Jordon – The chiropractor for golfers example is perfect – it combines two specialties together that communicates a depth of understanding that is sure to generate word of mouth buzz.

      As one who used to golf a great deal, I get to thinking about how much time is invested in a round of golf – plenty enough to really pass along a favorable recommendation with the specifics of how and why.

      Trust and credibility – exactly!

  2. Jeff;

    Another ringing 100% enthusiastic agreement comment!

    In addition to being a better fit solution, the more specific, personal and local provider is also so much easier to refer. There’s much less risk for the referrer if they can be SURE you are the ideal, focused, lowest risk provider for someone. To do that be good at something specific.

    I know from experience it’s easy to say this, but so much harder to do it for your own business. If you are struggling with this — get help. Someone from outside your business likely has a better perspective on what you should focus on. It’s just too hard to see it for yourself.


    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Brad – Two excellent points. I had not considered the risk the risk for the one making the recommendation. So, if the business is communicating what the specifics are, then it makes them that much more easily referable. I was actually just talking about this with a colleague yesterday who suggested I need to be more clear – even though I think I already am.

      The second point is that of getting outside help. Another colleague of mine recently helped me to reposition my expertise. Even though we are in the same profession, he has a different perspective and was able to notice things that were not apparent to me.

      Good tips!