How to Capitalize on Digital

When ebooks began to emerge some years ago the common perception was they were not really books, just PDF’s masquerading as books.

New research proves ebooks are not only for real, they are actually favored by the most voracious readers and those who are on-the-go and prefer to consume information from their mobile device.

Quality Will Always Matter

One of the reasons ebooks were previously viewed as throw-aways is the quality of the content was marginal at best. Content creators used them as a tease to attract attention to their real product.

That has changed – and all of us should consider what it means for our profession.

Whether a book is delivered on paper or in a digital format, it takes the same effort and skill to produce a quality product.

The success of the ebook underscores the fact that human innovation and creativity are the secrets to capitalizing on the digital revolution.

The best authors will still prosper, though they will accomplish their work in new and different ways.

How is Digital Changing Your Profession?

Books are communication vehicles, and every industry, business, and profession is in some way dependent upon communication with other human beings. As one who speaks professionally, I’m especially sensitive to the fact that the nature of communication is changing.

One of the reasons ebooks are proving to be successful is they are mobile, and allow for the consumption of information in real time and location.

Location and time are the variables of change that will redefine your industry and mine – and the clues to how that will manifest are embedded in digital technologies

Think about how the ebook has transcended publishing and the consumption of information.

Now consider how transcending time and location will change your industry.

It’s time for all of us to ask the what if questions.

  • What if your company could respond to inquiries with a proposal within seconds?
  • What if you could deliver a sample of your best work, on demand, 24/7?
  • What if you could be where your prospects are, regardless of your physical location?

You and I both know all of this is possible, thanks to the magic of digital.

Are you going to wait for your industry to change or lead it?

Just remember that quality will always be relevant.

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Until next time, Jeff

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  1. What format of ebook would you suggest does the best?

    What software would you suggest using to produce one’s ebook(s)?

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      S. Emerson – This isn’t an area of expertise for me. However, I bookmarked a site recommended by Seth Godin:

      Go to About Calibre and then Ebook Conversion. There is a great deal of information on the various formats and which are preferred, have better functionality, etc.