What Do You Want From Social Media?


It’s human nature to make inquiries when discovering a new technology. What is it? And more importantly, what does it do?

The right question is – what do you want it to do?

Technology Now Demands More

One of the reasons people are frustrated with technology is they have been conditioned to expect it to be clear and one-dimensional.

Most of us grew up with technology that was simple. You flipped a switch to turn on a device, and reversed that operation to turn it off. 

Now buttons and switches can accomplish multiple operations – and that can be confusing.

When you were presented with a new toy as a child, your initial response was one of inquiry – what does it do? You learned that among other actions, it laughed, cried, or wet the bed; but you rarely had to choose.

Now you do.

Technology today is multi-faceted. You can now accomplish more – much more, and that requires more from you.

What Do You Want?

As a business owner, operator, or manager, you should be asking more of technology.

What do want from technology? That’s the question businesses should be asking. It’s one that requires experience and leadership.

In a perfect world, you can accomplish anything you want. This creates responsibility – and that creates fear.

Technologies that find their way to market are looking for leaders. The creators of social media and other digital technologies need the wisdom of those with experience to apply their capabilities for achieving practical results.

Facebook started as a platform for enabling college students to connect and share. Yet, what made Facebook what it is today was the application to our business environment.

Someone had to ask the right questions.

They had the thought that if Facebook can connect and engage thousands of students within a college or university, maybe it could do the same with their community – to connect and engage customers with their business.

You Have to Be Specific 

Inexperienced businesses expect customers to line up at their door. They just want to be order takers; but we all know that it doesn’t work that way.

While taking orders may be the norm during more prosperous times, the truth is we all now have to work to get what we want. This requires sales and marketing skills, to name just a few.

Getting results from social media requires a well-designed process for generating results without it.

This means you must have a process in place, one that you can break down into specific elements that can be achieved on the respective social media channels.

You can use Facebook for engagement, your blog for communicating expertise, and Twitter for amplifying both. This is just one simple strategy for managing your social media channels.

My suggestion for using social media well is to start with your overall marketing strategy. Break that down into specific elements and seek to achieve them on the respective social media channels that are best suited to their accomplishment.

More importantly, write everything out – and share it with your team.

Better yet, publish this on your primary site so that your community will know where to go to get what they want.

When you are clear – your community will naturally align with you.

The key to getting what you want is inquiry, direction, and leadership for helping your community to concurrently get what they want.

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Until next time,  Jeff

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