Google Currents and the Mobile Trend

This week Google launched Google Currents – a well-designed application that takes mobile to another level by bringing all of your digital magazines together into a friendly interface.

As a business, your digital magazine is your blog – and Google Currents is designed to help you distribute that expertise to your target audience via their mobile device.

In addition to allowing users to easily consume news on the fly, Google Currents clearly underscores that the mobile is not the future – it’s here right now.

Google understands that for many of us, our mobile device of choice is not an iPad – but our iPhone or Android – and that is why they created Google currents.

We are Witnessing the Democratization of Media

When you sign up for Google Currents, it suggests major news sources to add to your library, as well as what is trending.

However, you can easily add content from RSS feeds that are readily available on the web – such as the feed to this site – or yours.

Here’s the magic.  When I load the feed for onto Google Currents, it stands toe-to-toe with traditional media outlets.

The message for small businesses is clear:  your voice matters, and it will be heard.

Media used to be about the platform. Yet, the advent of services like Google Currents clearly signifies that the the future of the web – and web marketing in particular, is quality content.

Platforms like Google Currents allow your message to be heard – giving you potentially the same authority as any of the major news outlets.

News is news – and now the source doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about the quality and depth of the message. 

Google recognizes that to maintain their preeminent position in search, they have to deliver the best content – what is most relevant and fresh. The source of that content may as well be you.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have traditionally succeeded largely because they have been willing to work harder than their larger and more established counterparts. Does this define you?

If so, then Google Currents was built for you and your business.

Your Small Business is a Publisher – or Should Be

How many times have you read a watered down story in a major news publication and thought, “I could do better.” Now you have that opportunity.

Many small businesses have resisted blogging – a practice that is arguably the most powerful means for marketing your business on the social web. Now applications such as Google Currents feed that content to the mobile devices of your target audience – and in real time.

Try to do that with a Facebook page.

Facebook is a destination, one where the distribution of your marketing content is filtered by Facebook. Do you want to hang the future of your business on that, or make a bet on Google – which is wide open?

I’m all for Facebook marketing, but it if you study the analytics of your Facebook page you know the Facebook filter, what is known as Edgerank, constricts the traffic of your page to a trickle.

Consider how that compares to the firehose Google offers you.

As Google continues to integrate their respective properties, such as Google Places, Google Profiles, YouTube, and Google+, its power for marketers will surely continue to grow.

You are Always On With Google Currents

Years ago, I would carry magazine articles with me to read when I could – on airplanes, in doctor’s offices, or whenever I thought I might have some downtime.

The standard practice was known as “rip-and-read.” Nobody wants to carry dozens of magazines, so we would rip out the articles of interest for reading at the appropriate time.

Google Currents now allows you to do exactly that – and in real time.

Bookmarking articles requires an Internet connection.

Whereas Google Currents digitally loads up multiple articles from many sources for easy consumption – whenever and wherever, regardless of your connectivity to the Internet.

It’s the future – and it’s mobile.

What’s not to like about getting the most relevant news when and where you want it?

A Primer for Using Google Currents

There isn’t much information available on using Google Currents – even on their blogs.

So, here are my observations that will help you get started to make the most of what I believe is an incredible resource for consumers and businesses alike.

Take note of the captions beneath each image.

 The Home Page

The Google Currents Home Page Displays Your Favorite Media - with Scrolling Images Above Highlighting Current News Stories


Just Search to Add Your Content

Google Recognizes the RSS Feed to Your Online Content


Pages Are Nicely Profiled

Engaging Titles and Photos are Essential


 Sharing is Encouraged

Your Audience can +1 Your Content or Share on the Networks


 Reorganize News Sources by Pressing on Their Icon

You Control Your Google Currents Content


It takes a little time to learn how to navigate Google Currents, but you will find it is worth the effort.

Are you still not sure if you ready for content marketing?

Don’t underestimate what you know. What you consider to be common knowledge is your expertise – valuable information that solves problems for your community.

Everyday someone is searching for what you know well.  Share it to build trust and attract new business.

Short on time? No problem.

Whether you choose to do this daily, weekly, or monthly, just settle on a schedule and communicate to your audience that what comes from your news outlet is worth their attention.

Google Currents is just one way in which they can access it.

You only need to focus on content creation.  Google and others will do the heavy lifting for you.

Leave a comment below or share this with your community with any of the share buttons below – or with those on the little red bar at the bottom of this page.  

Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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  1. I tried Currents earlier this week when it was released. I thought it was “just alright”. I’m a huge fan of Pulse on my Android phone and have yet to find anything better. I haven’t tried Flipboard. Jeff, have you tried Pulse and Flipboard? How would you compare Currents to these two?

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      I have heard nothing but positive comments about Flipboard, but I don’t have a iPad. However, I just learned today that there is a Flipboard for iPhone – so, I”ll be giving that a try.

      My only problem with Pulse is its just a little slow. And yes, I’m a little impatient when it comes to my news. 🙂