Facebook Marketing for Dummies: An Interview with Amy Porterfield

Very few businesses dispute the value of Facebook marketing.

Why then are so many still not taking advantage of this invaluable lead generation and business relationship building tool?

According to Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies – it can be complicated.

It was refreshing to learn that like many of us, Amy finds that the technology associated with social media marketing can get in the way of getting results with Facebook.

Evidently, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies was written for us – by one of us.

In our interview, Amy shares useful and timely ideas for getting results for more easily accomplishing your Facebook marketing objectives.

You can watch or listen to my 12 minute interview with Amy – or keep reading.

9 Books in One – Learn at Your Own Pace

The sheer size of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (over 600 pages) can be just as overwhelming as Facebook marketing itself.

That’s why it’s broken down into 9 Books in 1 so that you can zoom in and focus on one particular topic at a time.

You can then move on to a different topic when you are ready – and have the time.

The mini-books within Facebook Marketing for Dummies range from getting the basics handled to more advanced topics such as Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising – There’s More to Ads than Selling

Having not yet stepped into the Facebook advertising waters myself, I was interested to learn there is more to it than just promoting your products and services.

Amy notes that one of the most effective uses of Facebook advertising is with engagement ads.

What are engagement ads and how do they work?

One example is an ad that asks if you (the target of the ad) like a particular idea, subject, person, or brand.

Those that respond favorably by clicking on the Facebook Like button on the ad have now Liked your business page – without even leaving the page they are on.

Regular readers of this site know that means your content is now being distributed to their newsfeed – effectively spreading your message to a new audience, and adding more context to your social graph.

The Facebook Advertising book within the larger Dummies book goes into great detail on ads – helping you to use them well in unique ways – and all without spending a fortune.

This content alone is worth the price of the book.

Customized Page Tabs – Build Your Community with Calls to Action

One of the most powerful features of a Facebook business page is a customized Welcome tab. The name speaks for itself – it welcomes new friends, and usually includes several calls to action.  Here’s mine.

My welcome tab is not exactly a work of art, but it gets the job done – suggesting visitors both Like my page and subscribe to my monthly newsletter.  This much I know – it works.

Nevertheless, my page was built with FBML (Facebook Mark-Up Language) – which will not be supported by Facebook after January 1, 2012.  

Everything is moving to the iFrames format, which fortunately gives those of us with limited technical skills the ability to create quality page tabs that get results.

Amy recommends Lujure as one resource for easily creating a welcome tab for your page – and for FREE. There are many others described in the book, including Tabsite, which is one that fits my objectives – and for a modest price.

Of course, you can also skip the learning curve and just hire this out. Amy suggests Custom Fan Page Designs as a reliable and reasonably priced option for small businesses.

I’m often asked to recommend books on the topic of social media. While there are many I have enjoyed and learned from, I’m here to serve the needs of mainstream small business that I know are looking for an uncomplicated, step-by-step approach.

If that describes you, then I suggest you get a copy of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.

Consider this. There is clearly work involved with Facebook marketing. That’s why the small businesses using it are a minority.

What does that tell you?

Yep, Facebook marketing is ripe with opportunity for small businesses that are ready to take action on what others are still thinking about.

Where could you take your business if you knew more about Facebook advertising, deals, events – or how to get more people talking up the good work your business does in your community?

Leave a comment below or share this with your community with any of the share buttons below – or on the little red bar at the bottom of this page.  

Until next week,  Jeff

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  1. Hi again Jeff,

    Facebook Marketing For Dummies is the perfect read to begin my weekend! I’m an avid believer in Karma! You get what you give, whether that is good or bad is your decision! Read on if you want to award yourself a karma boost – consider it your good deed for the day!

    My name is Danny and I have recently been given an opportunity to join the world of marketing! My first decision is to choose which areas I would like to indulge into … Still reading? Awesome! My question to you is where did you begin and where are you today? If you could put yourself in my shoes, a 21 year old with this golden opportunity, where would you take it?

    About me: At the moment my knowledge in marketing is to narrow; I have a strong background in customer service and consider myself to be a people person! My instincts tells me that I will thoroughly enjoy the analytics, copywriting and capture areas of marketing however I am keen to gain a brief understanding of all areas!

    I have two ears and one mouth and I try to use them in proportion. Any comments, advice and criticisms will be sincerely appreciated so don’t hold back! Tell your story! Share your success secrets! And feel free to let me know what I can do for you in return for your support!

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your wise words!



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