What is Your Marketing Key Note?

The night before my keynote presentation to independent retailers this past weekend, I was testing and preparing the final details for the next morning.

Just before knocking off for the evening I decided to clean up my blog reader.  That’s when I discovered some new research that reinforced the key note or point of my presentation:  that not only is the web now central for every business, the social networking component is growing in significance.

To be perfectly honest, the above statistic surprised me.  Given that, I suspect it was definitely a wake-up call for some of those in my audience.

I’m sure many were thinking they still had plenty of time to get their business ready for social media.  Apparently, that time is now.

Awareness Leads to Readiness

One of the reasons I enjoy my work is that I truly enjoy helping others – as I’m sure you do too.  When you can share your expertise and experience to add value to the lives of others, its value is enhanced.

One of my favorite films is A River Runs Through It.  One of the more memorable lines in that movie is this: ” Why is it the people who need the most help won’t take it?”

This is sometimes how I feel about my work.  If you have children, you have undoubtedly experience similar feelings.  Even though you are more than willing to help, they prefer to struggle a while longer before taking it.

Why is this?

The answer is simple.  They aren’t ready yet.  Many of us need to thrash around a bit before we are ready to accept the help that is right in front of us.

As the Zen proverb infers, the teacher will appear when the student is ready.  For that to happen, there has to first be a wake-up call.

Readiness Leads to Action

For professional speakers, the keynote presentation is largely designed to increase awareness.  It’s not a solution, rather it prepares the audience for taking the next steps that will be the solution for improving their condition.

What is your key note?

What is your most essential message for raising the awareness of your prospects to ultimately engage them with your small business so that you can help them? And how is it best delivered?

I am continuously recording ideas and looking for new ways to refine and enhance my keynote presentation.  It’s a practice that I highly recommend for any marketer that wants to enhance the awareness and readiness of the “students” in their community.

How about you?  Do you have business practice that is designed specifically for preparing those in your community for doing business with you?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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