1. nice fill

  2. nice made

  3. Thanks for the tip to close apps no longer used.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      You’re welcome Jan – that’s a key activity. Maybe put it on your calendar for every 6 mos or so.

  4. Mega Meetei says:


  5. Nyc..

  6. i m not able to continue my facebook except 30 seconds. from shazia awan

  7. i can not contact my face book friends please help me in seeking my face book chat.thanks

  8. This is wonderful, never thought of this before. I use to believe that once I browse using secure url, I am fully covered. The notification stuff is handy and preventive.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Moses – You really have to be diligent about anything regarding Facebook – as the rules seem to never stop changing.

      • Respected Jeff,
        I’m suffering from an error which generates on enabling the “Login Approvals”, that error is:
        Your current Chrome settings might make it hard to use Login Approvals.
        It’s probably because:
        You sometimes clear your cookies.
        Your browser is set to automatically clear cookies whenever it closes.
        You use your browser’s “private browsing” or “incognito” mode.
        It may take a few days after fixing these issues before you will be able to enable Login Approvals. You also may need to log out and then log in again after fixing these settings for the changes to take effect.”

  9. Does ‘login Approval’ and receiving texts from facebook cost money?

  10. sir please tell me that how to save our gmail account

  11. Please Save my account from Hackers

  12. gregory says:

    I have found out that google search is allowing anyone access to my facebook accounts. If you search a name of a person google will open that persons facebook account once you click the name,so by this anyone can access any Gmail account user and can write anything on the wall thereof.
    I am so concerned about this please rectify this quickly.

  13. plise if you can help me

  14. Jivagaeshine says:

    w0w tiz is a simple way to protect my facebook..thanl kiu a l0t..

  15. give me advice for secure facebook id.

  16. jea glory says:

    why my facebook account always hack by the hackers?

    yesterday a successful getting back my facebook account but when i log in right now it say you change your password today at 8am.. but i didnt change it.. i follow your instruction but it didn’t work…. help me please..

  17. Thank you for the insights. Hacking has become more and more rampant and Facebook is a huge target since millions use it every day.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Gerrid – You are welcome. It amazes me how this post continues to be relevant. Pleased to learn you found it useful. Cheers, Jeff

  18. thanks…

  19. tsion zenabu says:

    my brother account being hacked before some months.i have no idea for how can he recover from this problem.will u help me please?

  20. well nice post and thanks for all the themes…

  21. well short but much informative post..keep doing the good work:)

  22. ther is no way to protect ur self from hackers ther will be always a window for them to get in in all the world nothing is protected even all the securty system for goverments long live anonymous peace and freedom all


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