What If You Could Start Fresh with Social Media?

For most of us, our social networking communities were randomly created – they developed organically as we learned new media.

Now you have thousands of followers on Twitter and hundreds of “friends” on Facebook that you have never met.  It’s a fact we all know.

What if you could apply the learning you have acquired over the last several years and start fresh?

Google+ is Your Opportunity to Start Fresh

You will have this opportunity with Google+

Most of you reading this are not using Google’s red- hot social network because it is still by invitation only.

When you do get access, you will quickly realize that this incredibly flexible (and digitally fast) social network is your opportunity to better organize your friends, followers, fans, customers, associates, colleagues, and family better by avoiding the mistakes you have previously made while experimenting with other networks.

Why?  Because your Google+ connections only know that they are in your Circles, which is the method used on Plus for organizing your connections.

They do not know if they are classified as a friend, follower, influencer, associate, or whatever. All they know is they are connected to you in some way.

Heck, they could even be people that you are pretending to be friends with until they pay you the money they owe you!

Google+ Effectively Emulates the Real World

We interact with folks in the real world for a variety of reasons.  Some are industry colleagues that you may wish to share with on a business level, but wouldn’t necessarily want to invite over for dinner.

However, after getting to know and trust them better, you may wish to do exactly that.

This is how things operate in the real world.  Life is about relationships and the process of building them takes time.

I have social media friends that I’ve never met face-to-face, or haven’t really interacted with sufficiently to develop that level of trust.

If and when I do get to know them better, I can easily add them to one of my circles where I share on a more personal level. This is one of the beautiful aspects of Google+.

Do you have friends that you no longer trust because they have somehow compromised the trust you have granted to them?

Now you get the idea.  You can redefine your relationships privately without having to publicly block someone – as you would have to do on Facebook.

Have you been blocked on Facebook?

I’ll be honest, I was once blocked and it’s easy to take it personally. Though I have surmised it was due to my colleague’s desire to keep their network very personal – including only family members and just a few close friends.

No hard feelings within Google+ as this is all accomplished quietly – as it would be in the real world.

Google+ vs Facebook

It remains to be seen whether Google+ will replace Facebook, but thus far the predominantly tech crowd that dominates Plus believes it will.

Recently, my regular friends in the real world have been finding their way into Google+. As a result, I’m enthusiastically creating more circles to help me sort out my communications and sharing.

So, for example, I have created circles for my Green Industry Friends and for my Speaking Community.

The best way I can describe this is with the concept of an inside joke. It will make sense to a specific community, but is lost on everyone else.

Thus, when you do get access to Google+ you will want to define your circles wisely, using the experience you have now acquired from the other social networks.

Need an Invitation to Google+?

If you need an invitation to Google+ just leave a comment below and I’ll send you one . You don’t have to know me, like me, or even trust me.

Though maybe over time we can develop a relationship that incorporates all of those qualities.

I’m just here to help you.  And I’m happy to do that whether we agree or disagree.

It’s all about sharing.

What do you think?

Note:  Due to the ongoing requests for + invites and the necessary process for making them, I’ll be doing this on a daily basis – or something close to that. 

Leave a comment below or share this with your social community on Facebook or Twitter.  You may also wish to try the Google+1 button in the red bar at the bottom of your browser.

Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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  1. Mike Broderick says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Would really appreciate an invite to google +, thanks in advance and hope you’re able to get some time in on the course at WEGC!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Hey Mike – I thought the name sounded familiar. I wish I could get some time at WEGC!

      I dropped off about a year ago – just didn’t have the time anymore. Last year I played two rounds and this year none.

      I guess I have to make it a priority.

      Your invite should be waiting in your inbox. 🙂


  2. Hi Jeff,
    Would love to try this, several friends have tried to “invite me” to no avail…hopefully you have the magic touch.
    Thanks for the offer

  3. Arjuna George says:

    I would love to get an invite to the new Google+. I am dying to try it. Thanks!!

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I so agree with you.

    Even though I blog about learning how to FB and Twitter, I still find their platforms difficult to navigate and really get a grasp of what’s going on.

    With Google+ having “visuals” like their “circles”, etc, it sure makes it a lot easier to get a handle on it. I feel that it more closely demonstrates how we actually think and categorize things in our minds.


    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Dr Rich – I especially like the speed with which things work. Facebook and Twitter can be so slow at times.

      I just learned Google+ has been in use internally for over a year. So, they really have been working to get this right.


  5. I would really appreciate an invite to Google+ – thanks !

  6. Would love to get an invite!

  7. Jeff Korhan says:

    Everyone should have an invite by now – just let me know if it doesn’t come through. And of course check your junk folder if its not in your inbox.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Just letting you know I did not receive the invitation you sent a few days ago. I am sorry to trouble you, but would really appreciate your trying again.

      Thank you,
      Marilyn Storey

      • Jeff Korhan says:

        Just sent another. Google just made it easier to do so. Check your junk folder just in case.

  8. Jeff, would appreciate an invite.


  9. Hi Jeff

    Would really appreciate an invitation to join Google+ if you are kindly offering!

    Like the idea of starting from fresh, which is not where I am with Facebook or Twitter, which must still be sorted out (when time permits!), but at least I can get it right with Google+!

    Many Thanks


    PS Not too sure which course is WEGC, but great to see that you are a golfer! Just to make you jealous, I’m attending as a spectator on the first day of The Open tomorrow at Royal St Georges 🙂

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      I am jealous. I’m going to edit this to let everyone know I’ll make the invitations once/day – so you and others will be in round two.

      Enjoy The Open!


  10. I would love the invite to Google+
    Would like to see if it work for us

    Thanks for all the great posts

  11. Hi Jeff,

    I would love an invitation!

    Thanks again for your help last week with my questions regarding WordPress and Blogger.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and acumen.

  12. mike riddle says:

    Please send me an invite as well! Thanks!

  13. Hey Jeff,
    Would very much appreciate an invite to Google+. Really want to have the jump on it.. thanks, you are a wealth of knowledge man!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Phil – I just sent a new round of invites and you were included.

      Appreciate the kind words,


  14. Dear Jeff, I would appreciate an invitation to join Google+, it’s a very valuable experience for someone like me who’s running a social start up business. In exchange, let me offer you to report exclusively before anyone else about one of our side project, a completely free QR-code generator site with couple of new features. Beta lunch date is 10th of August, 2011.

    Thank you in advance,

    Peter Kadas, MD.

  15. Suresh Subramaniam says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Good to come across people who find fb difficult to navigate – I am not alone 🙂 I’ve always loved Google’s uncluttered approach to UI and am eager to check out the plus. I’d love to get an invite.


  16. Jeff…enjoy reading your posts. Great insights about incorporating social media.

    Would love an invite to Google+.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      I’m using a new method to do invites Roger (that’s easier) – so let me know if you got it.

      Thanks for thumbs up!


  17. This sounds great!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      I presume by that you meant for me to send you a + invitation. All taken care of. 🙂


  18. Hey Jeff,

    As always, VERY useful information.

    I’ll take an invite whenever you have a chance.


  19. Playing catch up on the Social Media frontier. Help me get ahead with an invite! Hope its not too late. Thanks!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Stephen – Well, there are a few folks ahead of you, but it’s a pretty big web.

      Plenty of space and time out there. 🙂

      Sending invite,


  20. Jeff,
    I would appreciate an invite to Google+.

    And thanks for sharing your information with all of us who are exploring this new world bravely . . . You help.

  21. Invitation please 🙂

  22. Would love an invitation please!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Diane – You don’t need an invitation any more. Just head straight over to Google+ and sign up. 🙂

  23. Great read Jeff. I have been wanting to vamp up my Google+ campaign, thinking eventually it has potential to be the new Facebook. I just need to increase my circles and post frequently with worth while content. Would also love an invite Jeff. Thanks again for the post!

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Sounds like you are already on Google+ Marshall – so you don’t need an invite. These days a gmail account will get you onto G+.

      If you would like to connect with me on G+ just search for my name as I’m easily findable.

      G+ isn’t going to be the next Facebook – but it is going to be worth your attention. What it will be we don’t know yet, but considering Google’s position with search, it will surely relate to helping you and your business be findable on the web. 🙂

  24. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for great posts on the in’s and out’s of blogs.
    Especially appreciated your “how to get started” post.
    Regards, Phil


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