Why I’m a Fan of Chase Bank

Chase Bank has earned my business because they understand that being successful in business today means you have to understand and adapt to the changes that technology and social media are having on the business environment.

2011-05-05 Chase

Business Relationships Matter – Big Time

I had a great relationship with my former banker for many years. My relationship with Paul made my banking more than just a bunch of transactions. It was personal. However, after a national bank bought out his regional bank he had to leave, and wisely so because his office has been vacant ever since.

Social media is a phenomenon because people are hungry for relationships. After years of frustration, I now have a relationship with Ryan Flynn at Chase here in Naperville, IL. What does he do that is so special?  Simple things like responding to phone calls and email.  Imagine that.

Technology Enhances the Bottom Line

When I opened my accounts Ryan and I had a nice chat about social media. He turned me on to Square – the free iPhone app that enables anyone to accept credit card transactions on their mobile device. I had previously heard of it, but never took the time to check it out.  I’m glad I did because it has saved me both money and time.

Speaking of saving time, one of my favorite reasons for banking with Chase is that I can use my iPhone to deposit a check. All I have to do is enter the amount and scan the front and back. That saves time and fuel, which means you get the full value from that check. Beautiful.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business, you wear many hats and need to keep your life simple. With Chase online banking you get one user interface for all of your accounts – business, personal, and credit cards. It’s simple. I would be willing to bet that they designed it with the customer in mind, which you know is not necessarily a common business practice.

Build Your Business Around Social

Are you building your business around your customers or what works best for you?  While this may seem to be a silly question, we all know that some business practices absolutely boggle the mind. Many companies just don’t get it.

Another handy feature with Chase banking is receiving push notifications (not email) that let me know my balances are in order.  They give me peace of mind – instead of a $35 surprise.  Hmm..  If you happen to be a technology geek (I’m not), you will be astounded at the breadth of notices you can set up for your Chase accounts.

Over the last few years the economy has taken a toll on most industries, but it was especially brutal to those that we love to hate, with financial institutions being prominently represented in that mix. Why? Dial one for this, four for that, and if your choice wasn’t mentioned – go back to the main menu. Ugh!

This is why its interesting that two companies that have respected and even embraced social media and its influences on personalization – Ford Motor and Chase, have nicely navigated those choppy waters.

Don’t you think this is a good indication that you should be building your business around social?

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Enjoy your weekend,  Jeff

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  1. I hate this institution, and all that it represents. If chase bank was a person standing in front of me, I would surley knock him down with a closed fist, and perhaps continue to swing at him until he returned all of my service fees.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Chris – I’ve heard this from others since writing this.

      I suppose I am fortunate to work with a branch where they take care of their customers. I’m not a big fan of Bank of America now, but I was when I had a relationship with the local manager who looked out for my business and helped me to avoid those service fees.

  2. Jeff, You have got to be the stupidest moron on earth.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Terry – Thanks for your comment – it gave me a great laugh.

      All I can say is … your mileage may vary.

  3. I would rather be flogged with a cat of nine tails then dipped in a vat of boiling acid than deal with the criminals at chase.

  4. I have been a WAMU/Chase customer for 6-7 yrs and have noticed a sharp dip in customer service from my local branch and Chase on a whole. Fees have increased, services for money back on purchases have been taken away and the overall friendliness is gone…seems like the customer is not put first anymore.

    I will be leaving Chase as my primary source of banking.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      ElaineLPN – I have friends that bank at the same Chase location as me and they are very unhappy – whereas I’m pleased.

      So, evidently the key if finding a local banker where the service is a good fit. For me, that’s working.

      Though I’m still doing some banking at another large institution and it’s amazing how much more I can get accomplished online with Chase – a huge reason for my loyalty.

      Good luck in your search.

  5. Written Truth says:

    All this talk about social. Are you telling me Chase Bank support socialism? That might improve my opinion a tad but I’ll probably stick with the credit union until I see them throw some money toward a socialist candidate.

  6. AbandonedSerenity says:

    I will not bank with Chase. I closed my account I had with them. I used to LOVE Chase until I read about this…

    “Here are some of the things that Chase Bank has already admitted to:

    “Violating the Federal Service Members Civil Relief Act. That law was enacted in 1942 to shield deployed military personnel from financial stress.

    “Overcharging roughly 6,000 active-duty military personnel on their mortgages.

    “Foreclosing on military personnel illegally and forcing them out on to the streets.

    “Chase has already had to return some of the homes they took illegally.

    “Chase has had to agree to pay back millions of dollars that they stole from US Military families.”

    If you want to read more about the settlement, you can do a search for: Rowles v. Chase Home Finance LLC, 10-1756-MBS, U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina (Beaufort Division)

    I refuse to support a financial institution that steals from my shipmates, active duty personal, and fellow Veterans.

    I elect to use a safe and pre-paid cards instead. You can also keep a balance on paypal and hook up a prepaid card like I-bank up/upside, Walmart Money Gard, and any Green dot prepaid card to it and I imagine Suze Orman’s new prepaid card would work as well. There are alternatives to chase and those that would steal from the very people that put their lives on the line for us. And I fully intend on fully utilzing them with a few other financial institutions in their place.

  7. I would be happy to tell you how Chase has abused me and caused me to nearly lose my home several times. They are the most unscrupulous bank on earth. You like them today… be careful.


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