Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Human curiosity is driven by the desire to learn something you don't know.  

2011.5.17 Google

The Web is The New School

Where do you go to learn what you don't know?  My guess is the Internet and your friends.  Isn't it interesting that social networking enables you to go to one central place to combine the best of those two worlds?

In addition to what you don't know, you are probably curious about what your friends know.  In fact, a common conversation opener used to be this simple query – What's new?

Even if it is not verbalized, this is what most of us are thinking?

There isn't a lot new these days when information is readily available online, and often in real time.

However, there is one reliable way to have something to share that others don't already know – and that's by having an original perspective that is not common knowledge.

This is what attracts fans, followers, and new prospects and customers. 

Google Wants to Know What You Know

This is why Google also wants to know your perspective, and why they scour the web looking for this kind of information.  

The more content Google indexes, the more likely people will use Google instead of the other search engines, and the more ads they will be able to sell as a result.

Thus, when Google finds your original perspective your small business benefits.

So, your job is pretty simple.  Tell Google something they don't know by posting it on your blog, on Twitter, Quora, and anywhere else where they can access it. 

To help them further, be sure to have an up-to-date Google Profile that serves up all of your social content where they can easily find it. 

The web is going social and Google knows and respects that.

If you want to enhance the discoverability of your business online – and who doesn't – all you have to do is tell Google what it doesn't already know.

The World is Full of Problems Looking for Solutions

Solve problems for your community with original solutions that only you can provide because you know your customers and understand their challenges.

Google will take it from there.

Tell your customers what they don't know and Google will do your marketing for you.

If you know your business and your customers, this should not take a great deal of effort.

You've got it in you, just challenge yourself to get it out there on the web where it is readily accessible.

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Until tomorrow, Jeff

Photo Credit: warrantedarrest

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