Go Back To School on the Internet With Grovo

Grovo is an educational site with over 600 training videos that will help you to quickly ramp up your technology capabilities – and keep you current as they add more.

2011-05-04 Grovo

My clients and small business audiences often joke that they should have their 16 year old nephew teach them how this technology works.  That may be possible if you can hold their attention for more than 15 minutes.

Grovo to the Rescue

Unlike your tech savvy nephew or neighbor, Grovo is available 24/7 – and most of its content is free.

Grovo is straightforward education that is professionally delivered – complete with pre-written notes, quiz questions, and a list of key terms. With Grovo there is no such thing as a stupid question.  While there is no interaction, you can watch the videos as often as you like until you learn the basics.

For those that want to take their learning to a higher level, Grovo also offers advanced topics for $19/month or $190 a year. To be perfectly honest, I’m thinking of signing up – simply because the quality of the videos is exceptional.  And they are short and to the point.

The Field Guide to The Internet

Take a stroll through the Grovo topics and you’ll find an abundance of free and useful content. Most topics are offered as courses – a series of short 1-2 minute videos that walk you through the material step-by-step.

While I have successfully used DropBox to back-up and share my content via the cloud, I learned some of the finer points today by watching a few videos as I enjoyed my lunch. Those finer points are often what everyone seems to know – except you.

Save Time With Grovo

When I sold my landscape business a few years ago the equipment was not part of the deal.  Recognizing the value in that iron, I made the effort to learn how to use eBay to get it sold.  Within a period of a few months I successfully unloaded over $200,000 of used trucks, trailers, and tractors.

I presently have some small items that would probably fetch a better price on Craigslist.  I checked in with my tech savvy college aged children, but they have no experience with Craigslist either. After watching one short Grovo video I’m ready to take action.

I’ve also been planning to educate my virtual admin about Google Docs so that we could streamline our work – collaborating on excel spreadsheets instead of emailing minor revision back and forth. Problem solved – now I just have to direct her to Grovo.

Grovo is more than a field guide to the Internet. It’s like a trusted friend that is always willing to take the time to share the latest tips and tricks with you and your team.

Give it a try and share your experience here with a comment.

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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  1. Nice! This could be the BEST information post to cross my desk all year. Thanks for sharing and, if I can figure out the correct way to do this, can I re-post on my blog? In the meantime, I’ll Twitter and Facebook this for you, Jeff.

    Thanks for keeping your eye out for the rest of us.

  2. Kathy – I thought so too! They’ve only been in business since October but are really doing well. Their co-founder tweeted me last night that they are adding 15 videos a week.



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