An Unconventional Focusing Technique that Works

I recently happened upon a link to a study in Japan that sought to prove an hypothesis – that just a few minutes of meditation prior to a learning exercise can significantly and positively improve the results.

2011.5.18 Focus

It turns out that the results were quite astonishing.  Here is the article from Successful Meetings online magazine that documents some of those results.

As a former meditation instructor who happens to now be a full-time speaker who is responsible for the ROI of meetings, I was indeed curious.

Evidently, others were too. My friend Jenise Fryatt, the Community Manager at Engage365, suggested I write an article to show others how meditation could be used to improve the outcome of meetings and events.  So I did.

First, I reached out to James Kent at the Kyoto Convention Bureau to learn more about the study. Then I applied my experience as a meditation instructor to show how this could work for meetings – or any other event for that matter – including your next project.

How to Meditate

In Looking For Ways to Enhance Meeting ROI?  Try This Guided Meditation, I explain a few things about how meditation works that will demystify a simple practice that provides a number of benefits – including greater focus, comprehension, and memory retention.

If you are willing to try a technique that while unconventional, has proven to deliver practical results, go ahead and give the article a read.

Better yet, follow the step-by-step guided meditation to experience the benefits.

If you have enjoyed this or otherwise found it to be valuable, please leave a comment and share with your community using your favorite share button below.  My favorite is Facebook Like.

Until tomorrow, Jeff

Photo Credit: Clearly Ambiguous

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  1. Ah Jeff…I should have known….as I enjoy not only your articles and posts, but also the spirit in which they’re written and how they feel when I read them….. MEDITATION! As one who also uses meditation before I write, and sometimes use it while running groups (I work with kids and adults), etc, I can attest that getting with and staying with the breath is always a beneficial thing to do.

    Great piece…thank you!
    Kevin Lee

  2. Thanks Kevin – Keep teaching those kids as they are most receptive to meditation and usually get the most out of it.


  3., I’m impressed! really. it’s a great project that will help people in many ways.
    I wish we could have used such technologies when I was getting education…
    everything would have been much easier:)

  4. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate meditation into projects that would not normally explicitely call for it. So often I find people who’s idea of meditation revolves around levitating yogis.

    • Jeff Korhan says:

      Jon – I hope that is not still the perception, but I guess one never knows. 🙂


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