Do You Need More Social or More Media?

One of the challenges many small businesses have with social media is building and sustaining engagement. Truth be told, we would all be happy with at least a little bit more.

The reason for this is that we all approach our social networking different – some placing more emphasis on social, and others more on the media – sharing the news.  You need a healthy serving of both.  

2011.4.26 Entertainment News

When the two are blended together well, you have a mix that both attracts and holds an audience.

Social Engages – It's Entertainment

Outrageous photos and stupid videos easily attract a lot of attention on Facebook. However, for business marketers, this may not be the best approach to build a community.

Though, even on a business level a light touch is appreciated. For example, I use MailChimp for my monthly Web Marketing Newsletter.  I enjoy how they blend chimp humor into everything they do.  

BTW, if you'd like to sign up for Web Marketing News, you can do so here.

If you can do more of the same, you will most likely find that you will get more clicks on your Facebook page, more shares on Twitter, and more opens on your newsletter.

Evidently chimps understand that humans like to laugh!

Media Sustains – It's Relevant News 

Content is the news that people can use – to borrow an old slogan from one of the major news networks. 

When I am speaking to small business audiences the most common request I get is more practical examples that are especially relevant to their industry. That makes it an area of focus, including here on this blog.  

I just have to remember to keep things as interesting as possible too.

When you provide solid content to establish your blog (or other social media channel) as a credible news source, you may not achieve meteoric growth, though you will also lose very few subscribers over the long haul.

At least that has been my experience.

The Best Social Media Content is Entertaining and Useful

There are few blogs that provide a balance of entertaining and high value content, though Copyblogger is one that I would have to rank well in both categories – especially when the posts are written by Brian Clark and Sonia Simone.

Where are you at? 

Do you need more social or more media? 

Having the awareness may be all you need to build and sustain more engagement with your community. 

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

Photo Credit:  evansent

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