Social Media is a Game

One of the interesting things about social media is that it doesn't play favorites.  We all receive equal and fair treatment. In this respect, social media is blind to who you are, or were, prior to the advent of this social phenomenon that is transforming our business environment.


2011.3.10 Game


What is Social Media, Really? 

Social media is nothing more than a platform that allows anyone to say pretty much what they want to say.

That's it. 

This means that you can use it to for whatever purpose you choose. You can share – you can rant – or you can serve – among many other possibilities.  You bring to it everything that you are – and that is precisely what it illuminates.

Social Media is a Game

Like it or not, what you say and how you say it, as well as what you don't say on the social networks – all communicates a great deal about you and your small business. For example, sharing everyday experiences about your passion for your business will convey those feelings, and presumably attract prospects that want to work with a company that really cares.

Now consider the assumptions that are made when you are silent on the social networks. 

While you may not consider this fair, it is nonetheless true that not being in the game shows a lack of concern for the community. Where's my landscaper, my chiropractor, my city councilman (or woman), or my favorite restaurant?  That's what your customers and constituents may be wondering.

Social media is a reflection of what is going on in society every day. Some of us consistently show up in public, and others don't. It's a choice.

How Do You Play the Game?

This is where social media gets interesting.  

What happens when you hand a microphone to people and let them know they can say whatever is on their minds – to an unknown and presumably large audience?  Some will gladly embrace the limelight, others will pause and consider what to say, and the remainder will politely decline the opportunity.

There is an element of fear involved with social media because you just don't know who is reading, listening, or watching. I understand and respect that. But then, I'm not your customer.

When it comes to open forums like this there will be leaders, followers, creators, humorists, helpers, givers, and takers, to name just a few. Surely you can nicely and comfortably fall into one or more of these roles.

This is how social media illuminates who you are.

Just play the game well by being your best self and everything will work out fine.

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Enjoy your weekend,  Jeff 

Photo Credit: fwooper

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